Home decoration, repair, security and energy saving

All the costs and prices of household repairs, decorations, improvements or renovations.

Home Furnishing Here you will find the costs of common home improvements or house repairs that you might do, as well as those everyday jobs that you need to get done. From getting keys cut, tiling your kitchen floor, or indeed having a whole new kitchen fitted, you'll find the information you are after right here!

Painting and Decorating
Contains common prices for having both interior and exterior walls painted or decorated.

Increase Household security
Handy suggestions for improvements to your home security, along with the approximate pricing for such devices. Examples include improving garden lighting and using high quality door locks.

Household Windows
Separate section looking at the price of installing different types of window, or providing regular maintenance for them.

Energy Saving Steps you can take to save money on your heating bill, includes typcial annual savings for common energy saving measures