1000 Office

How to create the perfect home office space for under 1000

Creating a great home office on a budget can be tricky. You need the right space and equipment to keep you focused and productive, but it's not always cheap. Here are some handy hints to help you on your way and also keep your wallet in check.


Prioritise what you need

We are all guilty of buying lots of things that we think will come in handy - sound familiar? If you're on a budget, don't get carried away. Write a list of things you know you will need and focus on those first. Don't be fooled in to buying boxes of printer paper or an abundance of desk trays unless you really, really need them. Spend your money wisely!


Search for bargains

There are so many great deals around, particularly for small businesses. Before you commit to any purchase, be sure to do your research and compare offers for everything you need to get the best price.



Even if you're on a budget it's important you have a proper desk, don't just make do with the kitchen table, no matter how easy you think it might be. There are a range of budget conscious options available on the high street or you might find a second hand or vintage bargain, search online for your nearest vintage and second hand furniture fair. Check out your local second hand shops too.



You don't need to spend a fortune these days on desktops or laptops. There are some great offers available online and on the high street. Again, do your research and compare prices, make sure you get the right specification and don't be drawn in to unnecessary expenditure.

Remember to shop around for your home office broadband, get a price to suit your budget. Talk Talk Business offers a small business package including broadband, line rental and calls from as little as £28 per month!


Working at home

If you have never worked at home before, it can take time to adjust. Try and find a quiet space away from others, a spare room or unused dining room is ideal, particularly if you plan to work from home long term. Make sure your working environment is comfortable, try and purchase a good office chair to support your back and neck, good posture is critical.

So, how do the figures stack up? Based on a quick internet search, here's how little it could cost to set up your complete new office:


Total £789


So you see, you can have the perfect office space with plenty of change from £1000 - that's a bargain!