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Moving? Things to do before you move out.

When moving everyone seems to come up with a check list of things to do to help with the move, indeed we at whatprice have put together a few handy hints for you, both 'Top Tips for Moving House', and a 'New Home Checklist'. However it must not be forgotten that there are many things that you have to do before you move out of your old home. You may well have been settled in your old places for quite a number of years, and there is a lot that needs to be taken care of to carry your life forward to the new home. Below is hopefully a comprehensive list of all the things you must consider before you move:

Moving Home List

This list is probably by no means exhaustive, but hopefully it will start you thinking about all those things that you need to sort out before you move out of your house. Remember the earlier you start doing these things, the easier your life will be when you finally do move house.
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This information is obtained from Helpiammoving.com who have a very useful page on what to do before moving.