Christmas Tree Care

Fire Hazards and Your Christmas Tree

The holiday season can bring many hazards, making sure your family has a safe and happy one is generally simple. Many damages can be prevented or reduced by following a few easy preventative steps.

The Right Tree for Your Family

If you are planning on purchasing an artificial Christmas tree, make sure that the label says fire-retardant. If you choose a freshly cut tree, however, it will require more attention and care. Before purchasing a freshly cut tree, you will need to check it and make sure it is indeed fresh. Freshly cut trees are not dry, and are much more fire resistant compared to older and drier trees that were not cut recently. To test your tree, start by feeling the trunk. It should feel be sticky on your fingers. The next step is to check the needles, which should not break easily. Needles should be green and hard to pull off from the branches. The final test is to bounce the trunk on the ground and take note if many needles fall off. If it is fresh, you won't see many needles hit the ground. Try not to purchase your freshly cut tree too early or leave it up for longer than three weeks.

Proper Tree Care

Keep in mind that a fresh tree is a potential fire hazard and should be cared for properly as to minimize the risk. It is important to put your tree in a heavy and durable tree stand so it won't tip over. Be sure to water it daily to prevent it from getting too dry. And one of the most important things for you to remember about your Christmas tree is the position. Make sure the tree is at least four feet away from any heat sources like fireplaces, electric heaters, and heating vents. This will reduce the possibility that your tree will catch fire from a spark and will also prevent the tree from drying out to quickly.

It is also recommended to position the tree as close as possible to an outlet prevent the use of long extension cords that are a fire hazard.

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