Hardwood Flooring

Tips on Selecting the Best Hardwood Contractor

You've seen it in the magazines and you've seen it on TV. Now, see it right inside your homes: hardwood flooring being installed. Hardwood flooring, ever since, has always been an image of sophistication, tradition and of being conservative.

Hardwood floors lasts a lifetime. Its durability makes it easy to maintain. It is stylish. It is hypo-allergenic. It is environment-friendly. It has a great variety of designs from natural wood types, patterns, stains and finishes. And more importantly, it adds value to any home.

As I have mentioned, hardwood floors lasts a lifetime. But just because it could last forever (or so at least), that does not mean you don't have to maintain it.

With so many hardwood flooring installation companies there are in every local areas, it is impossible that you cannot find a contractor that suits your style and budget.

A hardwood flooring Tennessee-based contractor, Grigores shared these tips, based from their experience, if you are working with a contractor.

How to Select a Hardwood Contractor

· Start with an idea - You might have seen a beautiful flooring design from a home magazine or the Internet, and imitate that almost same look to your house. Sketch your ideas and detail it so when you found your contractor, you can easily recall the things you want to be done.

· Look up Contractors - You can either ask someone you know if they could recommend you to one. Or if there is none, you could always rely on the Yellowpages or the Internet for resources. And do not ever forget to look for licensed permits from the local office.

· Get Bids - Call them up. Set up a meeting. Discuss your project. Ask them for an estimate. Do not settle with one hardwood flooring installation contractor. If you can accommodate three bidding contractors the better.

· Invite them to your home - Do not ever rely on phone-based quotation or Internet-based quotations. As a true contractor, they will insist on seeing your place to see the scale of your house's flooring. And if they did, then let them evaluate. Seeing the scope of the projects gives the contractor's estimator an approximate amount of the cost that will be shed out for your hardwood flooring project.

· Reference and Testimonials - Knowing how the contractors worked with their previous customer can help your decision on whom to pick on the bidding. Customer service is one of the many essential factors you should consider when hiring a contractor.

· Contract - get a signed, written contact of the project cost and be sure to understand it. It should contain the following details: the company's name and particulars; detailed project description; materials list; a statement that "all necessary permits and inspections are the responsibility of the contractor"; starting and completion dates; warranties guaranteed by the contractor; a guarantee that the contractor carries liability insurance and worker's compensation coverage; a statement that either the contractor shall held responsible of clean-up; total price and payment schedule, if applicable; and the contactors license number.

· Working hours - make sure that you know how you're going to pay the contractor. Is it an hourly basis?

Do you need more tips? How about repair on hardwood floor or refinish? Contact Grigores Hardwood Flooring now (www.grigoreshardwoodflooring.com).

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