Kitchen Renovation

Tips on Renovating Your Kitchen

So you are considering doing a major kitchen renovation but are reluctant to embark on it because you have heard from your friends and relatives that such a big project is definitely not fun or cheap and in fact can be down right difficult. Well such views can be well founded but are usually because the project they were involved in was poorly conceived and badly executed resulting in cost over-runs and requiring some very major rectification work.

From the outset if your kitchen renovation is to be successful you have to commit to following a successful process that helps eliminate the vast majority of problems before they occur.

The first (and most critical) aspect of your kitchen renovation is planning the project with care and in doing so you have to address simply every individual aspect of the project. By this we mean that well before you even entertain the idea of engaging a design consultant or contract builder you need to sit down with pen and paper and list every area of your kitchen that needs improvement.

This involves analysing the layout of the kitchen - determine if more space is required, are the current features like sink and work benches in the optimum places, do you have enough storage areas and are structural amendments (like constructing or demolishing walls) likely to be needed. At this point you need to consider the need to improve your kitchen's functional aspects as well as its aesthetic appearance.

By the rooms aesthetic appearance we mean more than just the color scheme of the room, for example how you need to go about successfully blending the required wall coloring along with contrasting and complimentary colors and texture of the materials used to construct cupboards and work benches.

Functional aspects that need to be addressed also include the decision as to where to relocate essential items such as cookers, ovens, sinks and areas designated for the housing of fixed appliances such as dishwashers and water heaters.

Kitchen Renovation Budget

Once you have identified all the areas that your current kitchen lacks (and have put together your wish list of item would like addressed in your new kitchen) you now need to prepare a cost budget. Preliminary costings can be gathered by undertaking some simple research into the cost of the material types and quantities that will be required in any structural work undertaken during the kitchen renovation. Additionally you can visit a local home appliance center and get a guide as to the cost of fixtures, fittings and appliances that you will need. Don't forget if you buy all your fittings and appliances from one retailer it is likely that you will be able to negotiate a better price than the advertised retail price.

Now here comes the most volatile component of the project and that is the contractors charge including labor rates. For those of you who are going to have to consult directly with a builder and physically show them the room and fully explain the changes you want, you should be open and frank and disclose any problems you currently have regarding the building structure or services like plumbing, electrical and gas. You should ask the contractor to provide a written estimate as to the time the project will take and an approximate cost. If possible try to negotiate a maximum all inclusive fixed cost.

Further you should seek a number of crucial undertakings from the contractor including;

1. They are available to commence work when you require.
2. They will provide dedicated workforce so the project proceeds smoothly and delays will not occur.
3. They, and any sub-contractors they intend to engage, have the experience and expertise to undertake the project.

If you are happy that you could work with the contractor and that the quality of his work will meet your expectations then you should start to refine your renovation plan using their knowledge and expertise.

Providing the householder and contractor keep communications open and cordial it is highly likely that you will have a kitchen renovation completed to your full satisfaction and within your cost budgets.

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- Madonna Jeffries