Household Jobs Costs

Cost of getting household jobs done in the UK

There are many jobs around the house and garden that don't fall into a large category like plumbing or electrician but rather are more niche market like installing TV aerials, un-blocking drains or repairing washing machines. Still it is useful to have an idea of how much these jobs should cost as whilst they are small, they can be expensive and the cost of them will soon add up - especially if you get ripped off!

The table below shows the jobs we have collected information on so far along with the average prices. The links on the left take you to more specific pages on the topic and as always this information is based on user feedback and personal research/experience.

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Household Prices: Disclaimer
General description Specific description Average Price Units Last Updated
Air conditioning   £3455 per item/job 2014-01-14
Blind fitting Blinds £60 per item/job 2008-06-20
Chimney sweep Labour £39 per hour 2011-05-30
Chimney sweep Labour £58 per item/job 2015-02-07
Cleaning Household £16 per hour 2012-08-12
Cleaning Household £200 per item 2015-07-03
Cleaning Ironing £1 per item 2012-08-12
Cleaning Windows £26 per window 2012-08-12
Drains Clear Blockage £63 per item/job 2012-10-30
Drains Hourly Rate £43 per hour 2009-11-06
Drains Minimum Charge £35 per item/job 2005-06-27
Electrical equipment repair Dishwasher £141 per item/job 2007-10-31
Electrical equipment repair Hourly Rate £232 per hour 2015-03-06
Electrical equipment repair Minimum Charge £129 per item/job 2015-05-27
Electrical equipment repair Washing Machine £73 per item/job 2013-04-09
Flooring   £50 per item/job 2009-10-09
Flooring   £250 per m2 2009-09-25
Flooring Carpet £41 per item/job 2010-08-09
Flooring Wooden £128 per m2 2015-08-13
Flower deliveries   £5 per delivery 2012-08-12
Handyman Labour £43 per hour 2014-12-26
Handyman Labour £375 per item/job 2015-06-23
Kitchen Install £2926 per item/job 2015-06-25
Knife sharpening   £20 per knife 2011-03-29
Removal service   £1000 per item/job 2011-10-21
Tv aerial Install £156 per item/job 2015-06-04
Windows Blinds £15 per item/job 2006-10-15
Windows Double Glazing £3112 per item/job 2014-12-03

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