Carpets Gum

Removing Gum From Your Carpets

Carpets can be difficult to take care of. They are subject to a number of different types of soils and stains. One thing that can be particularly troublesome is chewing gum. It can be difficult to remove, especially if you do not know the right steps. Read this article and get some tips to help you remove chewing gum from your homes carpeting.

Removing the Gum 

The first thing you want to do is try to remove as much of the chewing gum as possible with a dull instrument such as a professional carpet cleaning bone scraper or just a dull spoon. Do not use a sharp instrument like a knife as this could easily damage the carpeting. Next you wan to freeze the gum so that it can easily be broken off. If you have access to a can of chewing gum remover this is perfect. It will quickly freeze the gum. If you do not have access to this you can simply use an ice cube. Get the gum as frozen as possible and then strike it with a hard instrument. It should break into pieces that can easily be removed. Pick up all the pieces being careful not to forget any. Finally you will clean the spot to get rid of any remaining chewing gum residue. Get a good citrus spotter and apply it to a spotting cloth. Now dab the spot with the cloth gently to remove the residue. Be careful not to rub the spot aggressively which could damage the carpet fiber.

That is it. you are done. Now just keep people off of the section of carpet until it dries and you have a nice clean carpet again.

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