Window Styles

Different styles of windows

Windows are often regarded as the eyes of your home; even though, choosing windows for your home may seem like a minute detail but actually it is a crucial decision. Windows are multipurpose features that not only provide you a view of the outside world but are also vital for proper ventilation in the house. The type and placement of Windows can also impact the spaciousness of your home, the amount of natural light that the area receives, interior lighting and temperature control. There are many intriguing designs that not only help to capture the practical requirements but also add a touch of class and sophistication to the interior and exterior of your home.

Here is a look at the different types of windows and their pros and cons

The casement window: This window opens outwards making it ideal for capturing side breezes, fresh air and natural light. The windows are tightly sealed which makes them ideal for an air conditioned room and their design makes them suitable for use in hard to reach places such as over appliances or the kitchen sink. Since the casement cranks open these windows afford easier manoeuvring instead of the slide up and down windows.

One of the problems with this type of windows is the safety hazard that they pose if the hardware is faulty or rusty. So if you are moving into a home with such windows it is imperative to check the casement hinges and other hardware

Awning Windows: The design of awning windows is ideal for providing breeze and natural light. They are generally used in bathrooms and other areas that call for privacy yet need some light. These windows can be opened slightly to let in some fresh air ad light. One of the primary advantages in choosing this type of window is their ease of placement; they can be positioned in columns or next to other windows or can be used above a large patio door to provide a wall of natural light and ventilation.

Because awning windows are set on the inside; you may find dust and dirt from the sash making its way into your home through an awning window.

Double Hung Windows: Thee windows have amazing ventilation capabilities, a unique style and easy accessibility. The style is ideal for the kid's room because while the bottom half remains closed, the upper half can be opened to let fresh air in. These windows work well in just about any portion of the house including kitchens and bedrooms and can even be used in offices.

One of the disadvantages of this type of window is its sealing capacity which is simply not enough for an air conditioned room; also the fact that only half the window can be opened may not make it the preferred choice for some people.

Picture windows: If you would like a panoramic and unobstructed view of the outdoors; the picture window as the name suggest, will be the prefect choice for you. However, while these windows afford the most breathtaking view of the outdoors; they are not the ideal style for ventilation so choose them for areas of your home where a fresh air inlet is not necessary. When installed high on the wall, hallways or dark rooms, thee windows offer amazing natural light. You can couple them with patio doors and open and close windows for a perfect balance of ventilation and light in your home.

The fact that these windows use large glass surfaces makes them prone to breakage and even though they can add a touch of class to your home; they don't serve any other purpose.

The Jalousie Windows: A Jalousie window is like a glass shutter made from slats of glass in metal clips. These windows can be opened and closed like a shutter in unison. You will need to open and shut it manually to overlap the glass panels. The advantage of choosing this type of window is that you can control the amount of light and air that gets into the house.

Jalousie windows are suitable for areas that have year around pleasant weather. Even though these windows are good for keeping the house cool, they cannot be used for an air conditioned home because they are impossible to seal.

The bay windows: This style of window gives the house a peaceful and open look; they afford multiple views of the outdoors and allow light to come in from different angles. The sides of the window can be opened for circulation and this type of window is ideal if you want to give your home a dressy look. These windows are the perfect choice if you want to increase the amount of light that an area receives. They are generally used in kitchens but they can also add character to the master bedroom and family rooms

Since these windows do not come with screens, you may have a pest problem on your hands.

The hoper window: These windows are generally seen in basements. The hopper window is a basically a casement window that opens on the opposite side. The panel is tilted inwards so that the window can be opened for maximum ventilation.

You may have a hard time coupling these widows with the decor of your home because it can be taxing to use shades blinds and other window dressings with this type of window. Also, because they are tilted; this type of window offers little protection against rain water which will drip right into the room

The seamless window: This type of window is made of several small windows in a consecutive line with no visible seems in between. To create this look, you will need to go for custom construction of windows and enlist the help of a skilled installation contractor. These type of windows can help to bring in a lot of natural light in the room and also help to create an illusion of seamlessly blending the outdoors and the indoors. However, their cost can often be a constraint.

"I'm quite intrigued to read that "you might have a hard time coupling with these widows ". These are the appropriately named "hoper" windows!! "