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Plumbing Prices in the UK

The items below exerps from genuine estimates that people have obtained for plumbing jobs in the UK. Note that these plumbing estimatescome from the public and merely represent what other people have payed for plumbing jobs.

To help improve the accuracy of these plumbing estimates please submit you own data!

We have had a number of people supply us with quotes for obtaining and fitting new Boilers.

We have discovered that by far the cheapest way to do it is to obtain a boiler from either a third party or a small plumbing firm, and then to hire a plumber to fit it, prices for this method are:

Price = £1,000 £1,300

The more expensive way, but perhaps more hassle free is to ask a larger utility firm to do it for you, prices for this method are:

Price = £1,700 £1,900 £2,300 £2,500

Example Boiler Replacement

Straight condensing boiler supply & replacement - Glow-worm replaced by Bosch Worcester 24ri. About 4.5 hours, 2 British Gas fitters & brief electrician visit. Seemed expensive - but hassle-free - they came when they said. Price was a 'special offer' for existing customers. Had already had extensive visits & parts replacements (no-charge) under their maintenance contract to establish that banging had been caused by scaling.

Price = £1,900


Fit six thermostatic radiator valves to existing central heating system

Took plumber 1 morning to drain system, replace radiator valves throughout house (except bathroom) and refill system with corrosion inhibitor. Work part of an attempt to make house more energy efficient (as well as to reduce problems with some rooms e.g. kitchen being too hot, others too cold in wintertime).

Price = £235 inc VAT

Replace Radiators

Stripping out existing plumbing and taking old radiators off in a large ie 440 sq ft house with one cloakroom, and two bathrooms and all existing pipework stripped out. Price seems excruciating!

Price = £3800

"The hot water pipe linking to my water tank was blocked and the plumber cut off a section of the copper pipe and reconnected the system with a magnetic resevoir for future removing water debris. The work took him a morning and costed me £400 including labour and parts in Birmingham. I think it was expensive but my heating system works again."


"Why don't you go to College for 4 and a half years like I did then do the job yourself. You pay for the knowledge and skill as well as the job you know. How much does your doctor earn? Do you complain about that too?"


"its easy to say you can do it for cheaper if you dont live in the uk and have to pay the prices we do here? although the price does seem high and i could do it for cheaper but NOT 50 euro?"


"I would do that job for 50 euro but I am not in UK...very bad is to expensive for you to maintenance your existing c.heating system..."


"Scottish Gas stated that existing boiler no longer met regulations in 2 bedroom Victorian flat in W.End of Glasgow. Since we had maintenance contract with SG we thought that whilst expensive it would be hassle-free. Quote for replacing existing old-style system with new Combi-style unit and ancillaries to current regulations came in at £2900 inc VAT. Not particularly competitive I fear "


"Hi We were thinking of buying a boiler and then getting fitting only. What prices are charged to fit only? Existing boiler needs replacing."


"Price may seem high, but materials are expensive. And if you don't have the skill to do it yourself......"


"These prices are user feedback and don't specifically say that they include materials. However, we have found that if it is a labour only plumbing price then the feedback usually says so. Hence, these central heating prices INCLUDE materials."


"Are these proces including the material."