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We have been getting so many requests for articles on creating and maintaining a healthy lawn we thought we'd collate all the advice and tips we could on lawn care on one page. Creating a healthy looking lawn isn't rocket science but can take a long time and quite a bit of work. Hopefully in he pages listed below you'll find some articles that will help you care for your lawn keeping it in top condition no matter what the UK climate throws at it.

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Lawn Care Articles: Disclaimer
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Lawn Mowers In this article we look at petrol lawn mower's, electric lawn mowers in both cylinder lawn mower and rotary lawn mower types. We shall also discuss hover mowers to see whether they really are a lot le... 2011-05-31
Lawn Turfing Laying your garden turf and looking after your new Lawn Turf Planning...... 2011-05-30
Lawn Scarify Scarifying your lawn removes dead undergrowth and can revitalize its appearance. We discuss what it is and what tools are required for the job. ... 2011-04-29
Lawn Turf Care When planning where to lay the turf try and leave a border near fences and walls as it is hard to cut the lawn there.... 2011-04-23
Turf Aeration Aerating a lawn is a simple mechanical procedure where you would pull out plugs of the turf or simply the soil out of the lawn. But don't confuse it with spiking the lawn, which is a completely differ... 2009-06-12
Lawn Astro Turf The use of astro turf has been more common in athletic arenas where the games were played on grass. But of late astro turf is been used for residential as well as landscaping projects as well.... 2009-06-12
What is artificial turf? The technology behind artificial turf has changed a lot since it first appeared on the scene in the 1970's. Over the last four decades there has been a lot of change. ... 2009-06-12
Lawn Turf Fertilizer If you really want your lawn to look really great, then you need to fertilise the lawn at least 4-5 times a year. The bare minimum for any type of grass is at least twice a year. There are essentially... 2009-06-02
Laying Turf in Winter Can a new turf be laid in winter in the UK?... 2009-06-02
Turfed Lawn Mowing Advice on mowing a turfed lawn... 2009-06-02
Watering New Turf Water is extremely important for the turf, since the roots absorb the water. The water carries the essential nutrients that the turf requires to become a healthy turf. The right amount of water will a... 2009-05-14
Lawn Maintenance Planner What we have given is a month-by-month guide is for an average lawn. Depending on your climatic conditions and other factors you should be able to make your own judgement for maintaining your lawn.... 2009-05-14
Robotic Lawn Mower Thinking about buying a robotic lawn mower to free up some time and save money? Here are some things to consider: ... 2009-05-09
Lawn Watering Is watering a lawn a requirement during hot weather and a waste of resources? If you do water your lawn how often should you do it and how much will it cost?... 2009-05-01
Lawn Mowing Without mowing the lawn, a beautifully manicured yard can easily turn into an overgrown forest. Ignoring the proper techniques according to the type of grass you possess can also lead to damaging prob... 2009-04-28
Lawnmower Maintenance Do you have trouble starting your lawnmower up in the spring? Before deciding to take your lawnmower in for repair, try these few simple suggestions.... 2009-04-27
Lay Turf Here is how to order and lay your turf and quickly get a new, hopefully luscious lawn.... 2009-04-27
Lawn Mower Types The lawn mower is an essential part of today household. With the prices of maintaining lawns increasing, it is necessary to know the details regarding blades so you can select the right one for you. ... 2009-04-27
Lawn Mower Servicing Trying to start your lawn mower after a long winter can be very frustrating. Performing a few routine maintenance tasks before you store your lawn mower for the winter can save you time in the spring,... 2009-04-27
Crap Lawn I bought this house toward the end of winter and haven't done anything with the lawn out back since. Well my father-in-law cut it once. The point is its in dire shape and I want to do something about ... 2009-04-27
Artificial Grass The history of artificial or fake grass is to say the least an interesting one and arose out of the social desire to in-effect ward off what could be seen, as far back as the 1950s, as an increasingly... 2009-04-27
Lawn Care A simple, "preventative maintenance" lawn care plan will keep your lawn in top shape all year... 2009-04-27
Lawn Fertiliser A lawn is a valuable addition to every home environment, regardless of its size. Today, most homeowners want to keep their lawn looking green and healthy so it adds beauty to the house and enjoyment ... 2009-04-27
Lawn mowing How often you mow your lawn will depend on a number of factors. Firstly how much time you have to devote to your lawn's maintenance. How fast your lawn grows, and this in turn will depend on whether y... 2009-04-27
Lawn Tips Lawn tips for a beautiful lawns. How to gain a magnificent lawn no matter what your soil type. ... 2009-04-27
Lawn Cutting Advice Lawns are the most work intensive item you will have in your garden. During the summer months they can need cutting at least once a week. But is cutting the lawn as simple as pushing the mower up and ... 2009-04-27
Lawn Weed Despite your best efforts to remove all possible traces of weed before either sowing the grass seed or laying the turf, its inevitable that at some point your lawn will have a weed problem. It may be ... 2009-04-27
Environmental Lawns Most homeowners want to keep their lawn looking green and healthy so it adds beauty to the house and enjoyment to the family.t the same time, people are increasingly aware of the environmental aspects... 2009-04-27
Weeds There are lots of weeding options for you to choose from. Some are general practitioners, designed for a broad spectrum of weed control. Others are specialists that fight specific weeds.... 2009-04-27
Lawn Diseases Do you know most of the lawns irrespective of its age are susceptible to lawn diseases? Lawn diseases are a challenge to lawn maintenance. The main culprit for lawn diseases is Fungus. ... 2009-04-27
Organic Lawn Many lawn owners like to use chemical pesticides and herbicides to control the pest and weed growth in their lawn. However, these chemicals are harmful to the environment if they are not used in the p... 2009-04-27
Lawn Sprinkler You know that watering your lawn is an important part of lawn care but you have limited time to do it. Other than hiring someone to do it for you, you can set up a portable sprinkler to do the job for... 2009-04-27
Lawn Aeration Lawn aeration can be a hugely beneficial method for making your lawn healthier and better looking. It reduces soil compaction, reduces thatch build up and increase aeration into the root and soil.... 2009-04-27
Lawn Moss Moss in your lawn is a symptom of an unhealthy lawn. Whilst the moss can be killed using commonly available treatments it will return if the causes are not addressed.... 2009-04-27


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"Nice list and really artificial turf is great option. "

Artificial Turf

"i have turf laid on sand, its not growing well, have fed it and watered well, i put this down to not enough soil under the turf. if i purchase more turf can i lay it on top of the existing turf to create more depth of soil. anyone done this!!"

john mabbs