Lawn Moss

Help my lawn has a moss problem

If your lawn looks unhealthy because it has moss you have to realise that you have moss because your lawn is unhealthy!

Why is moss a problem anyway?

Once you have moss though it can cause more problems for your lawn as it actively competes for growing space with the grass and depending on conditions may win. What's more, in the dry conditions of summer (if we have any...), the moss will appear to die off leaving bald patches in the lawn - unfortunately the moss is playing possum and will (or its descendents) return in the wetter Autumn to late Spring.

What is the cause of moss in a lawn?

There are a few reasons listed below along with some specific suggestions on how to address each of these moss causes.

Poor Drainage

Compacted Soil

Too much thatch

Poorly fed lawn

Grass too short

Too much shade

How to get rid of moss?

The list above is a useful diagnosis but a general good lawn care plan is a safe bet.

Mow lawn

Chemical treatment



Over seed


Cost of moss removal?

Chemical costs


Both items can be rented for a day.


Although it is easy to apply a moss killer and eliminate moss for a while it will return unless the underlying problem(s) are addressed. These can be time consuming, costly and tiring but they are part of a more general lawn care plan anyway.