Lawn Cutting Advice

Lawn Cutting

Lawns are the most work intensive item you will have in your garden. During the summer months they can need cutting at least once a week. But is cutting the lawn as simple as pushing the mower up and down the lawn several times avoiding cutting through the electric cable? Here are a list of do's and don'ts for lawn cutting:

Advice on Cutting your Lawn

Lawn Cutting

"What about the long blades of grass that the mower normally leaves behind? Come on -- tell me how to get rid of them WITH the mower!"


"Great Advice but the problem is my husband has been told year after year the same thing about cutting the grass so low then weeds growing all over the place during the hot summer months happens every summer he does the same thing time and time again,he already causes so much destruction it becomes too late to reverse it and summer almost over now!Promises well next year i'll only mow when you tell me too! I'll raise the blades on the lawn mower, each and every year,same thing, do you have any advise on that!!"


"how many lawns can you cut in a week because i want to start a lawn mowing business."

josh perry

"At the age of 71 I have inherited a lawn and a lawn mower and no idea whatsoever of what to do. How do you alter the height of the cutting thing? Why does the mower keep stopping? Why the smell of burning? "


"freezing temps and cutting grass early spring. Does the low temps / spring frost damage the grass after cutting?"


"When do you cut grass when it rains quite often, like in B.C."


"I shall see about removing the other lawn cutting tips pages immediately!
Seriously though. These tips are no more than common sense. I doubt very much that any other 'tips' page will contradict them. This page is 5 years old and to this day I try and fail to follow them."


"How can I take all your tips for gospel when there are so many on the net?"


"very useful information for the non gardener"

ken maskell