Lawn Weed

Lawn Weed Control

Despite your best efforts to remove all possible traces of weed before either sowing the grass seed or laying the turf, its inevitable that at some point your lawn will have a weed problem. It may be a minor incursion of clover or dandelion or a more painful thistle problem, but either way you want rid. Read on to find out how.

Tips for Removing Lawn Weeds

Controlling Lawn Weeds

"We have more weed that grass at the moment. Will be trying all the tips suggested here and will post comments after the deed is done. Thanks for the help."


"i found this info very helpful, but i need to ask; can you apply weed killers to a freshly sown lawn, or is this a bad idea? i have just sown in a new lawn in my garden and have weeds coming through..."


"After using liquid weed and feed what needs to be done to your watering can before you use it to water? This would be a useful tip to add (Admin: Most common advice is to have a separate watering can for any weed killer)"

D. Price

"What are the exact precautions to take when applying 'feed and weed'? You mention 'drift' and be careful of children and pets, but for how long should you avoid walking on the treated area and does the treatment affect birds and bees?"

Mrs D Coope

"Yes I have found that too. Fast spreading weeds seem to get much larger roots and are a lot harder to dig up. Weed Control"

Weed Killer Caleb

"Nice website very very helpful. Perfect for me to find out the prices of different weed killers I am looking for"

Caleb Jones