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What medicines are out there on the market, and how much do they cost? Is your packet of brand name pain killer any better than the supermarket version, or does it just come in a pretty coloured box? Unfortunately we can only answer a few of these questions, but this Medicine section of Whatprice does take a look at drug prices and also gives you some helpul advice about different types of drugs.

We do not offer any professional medical advice and you should always consult your Doctor if you have any medical concerns.

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Funeral Costs Funeral Costs vary a great deal from one funeral director to another. As always it is advisable to get more than one quote to compare the funeral costs and services. Usually the funeral directors will... 2011-09-12
Medical Tourism More and more people are avoiding long NHS waiting lists by choosing to have medical treatment abroad. This is generally a cheaper option than going private in the UK, and can be combined with a holid... 2011-03-21
Private Treatment Article listing the costs of various procedures under private health insurance which will provide you with treatment when you want it.... 2011-03-21
Will Wills A will sets out who is to benefit from your property and possessions (your estate) after your death. A will helps one to even define what treatment a person would like to have in case he is seriously ... 2009-10-10
Health and Life Insurance The difference between life insurance and health insurance is that life insurance pays a beneficiary a specified sum of money after the party that is insured passes away. There are two basic types, li... 2009-04-10
Lupus What is Lupus?... 2008-04-13
Facial Treatments Different ways of attaining a more youthful look without the need of going under the knife or spending as much money as for surgical involvement.... 2008-03-22
Surgery Abroad A collection of the most common surgeries and how much they would cost if you were to opt to have them performed abroad instead of privately in the UK.... 2008-03-13
Junior doctors THOUSANDS of junior doctors this summer found themselves caught up in a drama which left over 10,000 of them without training posts and forced many to emigrate to find work.... 2007-11-06
Cloning The three type of cloning are recombinant DNA cloning, reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning. Lets consider each one of these in turn.... 2007-09-04
MRSA and Super Bugs MRSA cases are slowly declining while incidences of C. difficile are on the increase. Both of these infections are known by health professionals as HCAI's which stands for Health Care Associated Infec... 2007-07-05
Hearing Tests It is easy and painless to have your hearing tested if you are concerned about hearing loss due to old age, injury, infection or exposure to loud noises.... 2007-06-20
Laser Eye Surgery If you're keen to get rid of those glasses and contact lenses, laser eye surgery is becoming an ever more popular solution. But what exactly does it involve?... 2007-06-01
Doctor Recruitments - MTAS More than 10,000 junior doctors face unemployment and NHS patient care is at risk after a new recruitment scheme was introduced this year.... 2007-05-05
Testicular Cancer Testicular cancer is a rare disease in men caused by abnormal growth of cells of the testicle. It is an uncommon cancer, responsible for less than one per cent of all cancer deaths. However, testicula... 2007-02-04
Hayfever Its that time of year again when the cursed among us do our best to enjoy the summer through the sneezing fits and the streaming eyes. Yes, we're taking about hayfever, so here is the low down on the ... 2007-01-25
Diabetes Diabetes Mellitus is one of the most costly burdensome chronic diseases of our time and is condition that is increasing in epidemic population in the whole world.... 2007-01-21
Cambridge Medicine Okay so here goes, I have just been accepted onto a graduate entry medical course and upon checking out some of the other sites out there aimed at people wanting to get onto a fast track course, I fel... 2007-01-17
MRSA So what exactly is MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphlococcus aureus), the superbug that appears to be plaguing our hospitals? Is it really the health threat that it is perceived or is it simply a medi... 2007-01-17
Drug Costs There are a huge range of common medicine, drugs and tablets available in all manner of forms. A mystery shopper looked at the prices you would pay for the leading brand style medicine or drug to a su... 2007-01-14
Healthcare Products There are a huge range of common healthcare products available in all manner of forms. A mystery shopper looked at the prices you would pay for the leading brand style health product with all...... 2007-01-14
European Health Card The arrangements for accessing medical care whilst on holiday in Europe have changed. This article explains but still advocates taking out private travel insurance.... 2006-05-05

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