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Whatprice is continually providing the consumer with useful and interesting information to help them make a little bit more sense of the commercial world that we live in. The following articles provide a down to earth insight into some of the most relevant consumer issues facing us today.

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Inheritance Tax
How to reduce your inheritance tax bill
Planning Permission
The UK Governemtn is making home improvements much easier
Green Electricity Tariffs
Green Electricity Tariffs are supposed to help the environment, but what exactly are the, and do they really help?
New NHS Dentist ContractsIn April 2006 big changes to the way NHS dentistry works were introduced, but the vast majority of dentists are very unhappy with the new system. Will the dentist reforms lead to better access and patient care in the future?
Gas PricesRising oil prices and an increased reliance on European imports sent UK domestic gas bills soaring over the 2003-2006 period. Currently, gas prices are falling again, but what does the future hold for the price of gas?
Water Leaks and Hosepipe Bans Summer 2006 saw hosepipe bans in many areas of South East England. Astonishing amounts of water are lost to leakage before reaching our houses, so are hosepipe bans the fault of the water companies, and what is in store for 2007?
Housing Market Spring brings about a flux in nature and traditionally sees an increase of activity around the housing market. Contrast is the most accurate word to describe the housing market right now.
Supermarkets and the Environment As climate change becomes bigger news every day, the major supermarket chains have seen an opportunity to improve their reputations with some high-profile green initiatives. Are supermarkets really going green?
Carbon Offsetting"Carbon offsetting" is a booming business. It is now straightforward to go online and calculate the carbon footprint caused by your transatlantic flight, or heating your home for a year, then pay a company to "offset" your emissions by reducing levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
Welfare ServicesFind any Dentist, Doctor, Optician or Pharmacyjust by searching by town or postcode!
BioFuelsWhat exactly are biofuels? Wouldn't it be wonderful if biofuels were the answer to our energy problems?
Doctor Recruitments - MTASMore than 10,000 junior doctors face unemployment and NHS patient care is at risk after a new recruitment scheme was introduced this year.
Bank ChargesMillions of consumers are fighting back against unfair charges and nowhere is this more apparent than in the movement to reclaim bank charges.