Want to Potty Train?

How can you tell if your child is ready to potty train? Some children are ready to potty train starting between 18-24 months while as other kids may not be ready until they are two and a half or three. Well as a first time parent you really have no clue what to do when potty training or what signs to look for so here are some helpful hints to help you get rid of diapers.

Physical signs of potty training to watch for in your child:

Behavior signs of potty training to watch for:

Cognitive signs of potty training to watch for:

Every child is different so do not get discouraged if your child isn't interested in going to the bathroom. Cherish the diaper changing moments for soon your child will be grown up and you will actually miss the dirty diapers.

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Jess Chamberlain

Owner of http://www.onestopshopforkids.com - everything you need to help you potty train.

Author of Bright and White: Brushing Your Teeth Can Be Fun

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