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Long distance car sharing offers a cheap, sociable way to get from A to B

BlaBlaCar ( and its French and Spanish counterparts have demonstrated a working model for long distance car sharing, with over 1.2 million members accumulating more than five million car journeys each year. Having recently launched in the UK, the company has grown into the most active car sharing service in just a couple of years.

The success of the car sharing website is attributed to rising fuel prices, which have increased by over 40%* in just four years, meaning that plenty of drivers are looking for ways to cut their rocketing petrol costs on journeys they are already making. Using car drivers can save an average of 80 per cent on the cost of their journey whilst passengers find it to be a cheap and effective alternative to any other form of transportation for a given route.

As an example, the average fuel cost alone for a car journey between Manchester and London has increased from £24 in May 2007 to £34.60 in May 2011** and with yearly tax, MOT, insurance and servicing to consider as well, many car owners are wasting money by travelling with spare seats in their car. With 80 per cent saving per trip, a driver doing a regular long distance commute each week could save as much as £500 per month.

Blablacar Carpooling Explained

The carpooling site, founded in 2006, is growing by over 50,000 users per month, not only saving €100m since 2009 but also over 200,000 tons of CO2, making it an environmentally friendly way to travel.

To use the car sharing service, drivers post details of their trip at a suggested price, typically a percentage of the fuel bill for the journey. Potential car sharers searching for a specific trip then choose whether or not this fits with what they want to pay. The community aspect ensures transparency, safety and that the market effectively and efficiently sets the cost of each journey.

Win whilst car sharing

BlablaCar has also launched a great online competition for drivers commuting from London to the North West (Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool etc…) and are offering the chance to scoop to £500 by posting their trips on

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