Regional Diesel Prices

Price per litre of Diesel for different UK Regions

The level of taxation applied to fuel is the same anywhere in the UK so is it the same price in the Scottish Highlands as at just off the M25? Probably not, but what is the difference and is it significant?

Using the fuel price feedback we are receiving from Whatprice visitors we examine what the average cost of diesel is and by how much it varies depending on which region of the UK you live in.

Diesel Price History

Price of Diesel



Below is a map which allows you to search for diesel and unleaded prices in your area - in fact in your local forecourt. If its not there then why not add it and make the map of stations more complete.

"when I looked it up here and then went to petrol station the same day price was not the same"


"Hi. Is there a chance to add in "update prices" a button to clear price? Reason 2-3 petrol stations stop supply diesel and the price if there is any can make average price to go down or up thus not giving accurate average price for particular area (if it is based on these prices)."

Big Vlad

"I feel it would be a good improvement when looking at the price of fuel at a garage to have the date shown when the fuel price was actually last updated so you can see how valid the cost is likely to be. David Court"

"Updated daily!"


"Is this site now defunct or will it be updated regularly"