Diesel Prices by Retailer

The Cost of Diesel from different UK retailers

At one time diesel was taxed less than unleaded and hence it was cheaper to fill up your car with it and provided improved fuel economy. Now it costs the same and usually more. Whilst over 60% of the cost of diesel is taxation it is possible to shop around with different retailers and find that some are cheaper than others.

So, here we examine how the price of diesel per litre varies for different retailers, the average prices being based upon a survey of Whatprice users.

Diesel Fuel Prices at Different Retailers

These prices are obtained by you the public filling in details of Diesel prices at all the retailers in the UK. To help out with this project, or to find cheap Diesel in your local area use the map below. Simply type in your postal town and then look at all the Diesel Retailers in your area. Please update any prices that you know by clicking the 'update' button.


"This is a good idea if we lived in a perfect world. Unfortunately we don't and to rely on the general public to up constantly update the site will result in what is currently happening, only 1 or 2 sites are accurate and the other s are very out of date. It's a shame because there is no other site around that has the facility like this. The potential could be great. You need to find another way of updating the prices so that they are accurate daily."


"The RHA have approached the Office of Fair Trading at the beginning of December to establish why the UK price differential between Petrol and Diesel is still excessive. WHY are we waiting so long for an answer and some action? Its about time this issue was resolved and the greedy Producers stopped profiteering from all of us. Why is our government so week on all issues relating to energy. Is it because if the prices stay high they reap more VAT?"


"Do you have any information on where to obtain pricing for biodiesel?"

Curious enquirer

"useful website, but since fuel prices change so often it would be useful to also know the date on which the price was posted."


"why are diesel prices more expensive than petrol, when it is obviously better for car economy and give off far less co2 emissions, which again is better for the planet, and is also far cheaper to produce, being crude oil "


"why are garages charging 1.20 a litre so much for the budget we live on anglesey garages say it further to come and deliver hows that"


"Thanks for the site. It would be good to have a price/ date graph that we could chose a date on and get the national average."