Regional LPG Prices

The Cost of LPG in different UK locations

LPG is currently a much cheaper alternative to Unleaded, Super or Diesel for filling your vehicles fuel tank. That is if you can find a petrol station that has the correct pumps. The table below lists the variation in LPG cost within different areas of the UK and also compares it to non-uk prices.

Whatprice also has information on how fuel prices affect the running costs of your car, as well as an example on how to calculate car running costs, as well as local LPG prices, for a closer look at each region.

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"Useful Map that actuallly does something. Pity there's not an app that works as simply and reliably as this (in English)! LPG Finder on Android has no customer service in the UK and is designed for Europe."

Jem Pot

"Hello out there can anyone please tell me what the price of LPG was during November - December 2008? Or can anyone please tell me how i can find out. Many thanks."

Nigel (East Yorkshire)

"It would have been helpful if it was possible to type in the name of the retailer when the choice isnt in the drop down menu,Flo Gas in Etruria stoke-on-trent still only charge 41p a litre filled mine on 14/12/07"