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How the price of LPG varies with different retailers

LPG has significant cost savings per litre than compared to unleaded petrol. It is getting easier to find it at your average 'petrol' station forecourt. A common alternative name for LPG is auto gas.

This page looks at how the price of LPG or auto gas per litre varies with different retailers,as well as the overall trend for LPG Prices .

The prices being based upon Whatprice user input. At present we only show the price of LPG on  a national scale, so please fill in any pricing information you have into our petrol map at the bottom of this page

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"morrisons in strood kent lpg price rise of 18 pence per/lt in 12 months food prices much higher wont be shopping there any more, hope more people do the same. "

r c stevens

"per litre"




"Went to Opie Oils in Redruth, Cornwall yesterday - 62.9p per litre!!! needless to say i didn't bother as my normal supplier only 5 miles away (but closed at the time) is a much more reasonable 45p per litre if everyone votes with their feet and boycotts these moneygrabbers maybe they will get the message"


"Flogas in North Wales has risen to 40.9p from 37.9p and the guy in the office said it was mainly because diesel for the delivery lorries had gone up. What rubbish!, the tankers only do a few mpg on their trip from the refinery about 50 miles away but the things carry thousands and thousands of litres so how can it have affected the price per litre to the end user? "


"Texaco in Cowley Oxford has gone from 47.9p to 57.9p for LPG in the past year. Are the per litre tax rises percentage based or pennies per litre. If percentage, why are LPG prices going up so quickly. "

Dermot, Oxford

"Cheapest place in North London at the moment is the Shell on A1 Barnet-by-pass. Still 49.9p a litre, however went there yesterday and had run out which is very annoying! Obviously not the only one that knows this is a good price. Morrison’s in Enfield and Chingford now an incredible 58.9p a litre. I no longer shop at Morrison’s as that price is worse than BP. Looks like Morrison’s trying to extract every penny out of the hard up consumer. Shame as Morrison’s used to be extremely cheap for LPG and when I purchased LPG I would often also do my weekly shop - not any more!"


"LPG at innergy (The old Leeds Calor Centre) is 49.9p per litre. I can't find it any cheaper?? Even so, this equates to 55p per litre for petrol and 60p per litre for diesel so LPG still saves me plenty - around £200.00 compared to my fellow courier drivers"

D Green

"This is getting silly now. Filled up with lpg at Bp Bedford Connect today..........57.9ppl. Its nearly the same cost to run the car on petrol, why did I pay £1500 for a conversion :-("


"you try your best to be greener and the goverment taxes you even more, do you know the cost price per litreof lpg to get to our pumps would be less than 10 pence per litreso tax tax and more tax then a little profit and bang 50p/litre when will it end "

simon wakefield

"try 60.9 p p l for lpg in the highlands today"


"I, as everyone else, has noticed the quick percentage rise in LPG prices. As unleaded & diesel rose early/mid 2007 LPG followed. Unfortunately it seems that as the other fuels reduced for a while LPG stayed the same, then when they rose to their current level LPG rose yet again so we got hit with a double wammy so to speak. BUT, even at the current price I'm still saving way more than if I ran on unleaded or diesel alone (55+ mpg - 2.0L Omega). A conservative calculation for my own case as to when it will no longer be viable is when LPG is around £1 a litre and diesel - being the most economical fuel - is around £1.50 so I think I will stick with it for a while yet. I also think that maybe some car manufacturer's have become aware of this possible future dilema, for instance, Vauxhall don't have anywhere near the range of Bi-Fuel vehicles that they did only a couple of years ago so maybe they know something we don't!! I'm guessing they do so will not be buying a new vehicle with LPG in the near future."

Paul S, Cleveland

"Morrison’s in Enfield and Chingford have put the price of LPG up continuously over the last few months. It’s now 52.9p a litre. Actually cheaper to but it from Shell now or the BP on the M1 motorway at Toddington (Southbound) is same price. Tells you how greedy Morrison’s are if you can get LPG same price on motorway. Boycott Morrison’s!"

K Reynolds

"Gleaner outlets in the Moray area have jacked up lpg prices to 55.9p when I bought today from their Kinloss outlet. This was a totally unjustified 4p leap in LPG price."

John Coldwater

"LPG in the North West, has risen from 39.9 last week to 49.9 this week! What's going on with the prices? That's over £4 extra to fill up in one week"


"You will get a nasty shock if you visit the Isle of Wight and need to fill up. The cost of Calor on the Island is 62p. - petrol is the same price as on the mainland. The reason for the stitch up on Calor gas, is that there is only one place where you can buy it: Vectawarm in Newport. "


"As LPG users we need to campaign about these disproportionate increases as one voice. Is there no association?"

Adrian, Pembrokeshire

"morrisons falkirk up 8p from 37.9 - 45.9"


"The price of LPG in my local Morrisons in Ebbw Vale has increased by 50% in the 2 years since my conversion!!!! It's risen from 29.9 to 45.9p!!! It's getting clos to the point economically to be unviable!!!!"


"lpg at morrisons in kings lynn has increased by 5p per litre this week from 42.7 to 47.7"

d hayward