Retailer Petrol Prices

Fuel Retailer Petrol Prices

Everyone knows that running a car costs a lot of money, and a significant portion of that is due to the price of petrol. The table below is an attempt to track the unleaded 95 fuel costs across the UK, showing variations in price from different fuel retailers. (These prices reflect the information we have collected from you and may not necessarily reflect a true comparison of variations in retail price).

Unleaded Fuel Prices at Different Retailers

If you wish to search for local fuel costs or have any data on petrol prices to submit to us then please search or browse the map below. You can also enter information on missing forecourts by clicking the add station button on the bottom left.

Whatprice also has information on how petrol prices affect the running costs of your car, as well as an example on how to calculate car running costs, as well as local petrol prices, for a closer look at each town.

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