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The graph below shows how the price of unleaded petrol has varied in the last few year. We also have data on Diesel and LPG prices over the same time period

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We at Whatprice have also taken a look at how petrol prices are affected by oil prices.

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This petrol pricing information is based on all fuel filling stations in the UK, of which the top ten are:


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"Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada now $1.40 L that's about 70p. Up 50c since last year."

Annie B.

"Here in Bangkok petrol is about 60p a litre, having gone up from about 40p this time last year. Doesn\\\'t seem to much but with a Thai person only earning about £150 per month, it\\\'s quite an increase. The skytrain is now pretty full and they have reduced the price by 20%, journeys now cost from 19 - 40p. Taxis are just about to increase their prices from 55p to 62p for a two km trip,I actually feel for these guys. "

John, Bangkok

"Just filled the car with regular unleaded and nearly fell over. 1 US Gallon @ USD$4.53. Cost per litre (3.72L per gal)in GBP is .61 (and that includes taxes). "

Gerard, San Diego

"Brisbane Australia uleaded currently $1.519 per litre "


"Hi Price of unleaded petrol in New Zealand has just gone to $2NZ. Virtually no competition ! All companies put price up to same level at same time!!!"


"Here in Hobart Tasmania petrol is 1.36 AUD/L where I shop, that's about 65p."




"Here in Philippines, price per litre is around 50 Philippine Peso's. About 60p UK."

Chi Sin Wolf

"Today, 15 May, 2008, in Marion, Ohio, USA gasoline is $1.03 per litre or $3.90 per US gallon."


"I live in the UK, #1 If the economy is bad at the moment well when petrol was about £0.9x a litre the GOVERNERDS were getting £0.75 of that. Strange, as it is now £1.2x they must be taking about £1.00 a litre, so they could afford to drop it, this would help the economy and cut the price of electric/gas/food/etc. Yet do you think they will? (LOL). #2 Prices are constantly going UP at the stations/pump, yet they put it up when the price of the barrel goes up NEAR ENOUGH IMMEDIATELY, yet when the barrel drops by a dollar or two (sometimes more), yet soon creeps back up, I DON'T SEE THE BLEEPS PUTTING THE PRICE DOWN. IT'S ALL A RAT RACE CON AND YOU TRAPPED."

Wot A Load Of !!!!!

"Vancouver Canada $1.25 a litre and they say it\'s high here. Compared to the UK it\'s cheap here. I always tell people here they are lucky and to stop complaining about the gas (petrol) prices."


"In Hamilton, Ontario, Canada today the price of gas runs between $1.17/L to $1.20/L. And, the weather is perfect 21C today, bright sunny. Summer is on its way and so too are higher gas prices!!"


"I live in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, driving to work this morning petrol is averaging $1.21 per litre, yesterday it was $1.15 per litre. I defer to the word petrol because I am ex-pat!"

Peter Sullivan

"We live in iran ; today's unleaded price locally in iran is 0.1 usd/litre. i was in turkey before mont and petrol 95 was very expensive in there;3 usd/litre."

mohammad reza - iran-kermanshah

"It is 26 degC and petrol is 134.9c/l or 62p/l. Why aren\'t you all here?"

Brisbane ex Ulster

"We live in Snowtown, South Australia & today's unleaded price locally is AUD $1.419c per litre (about GBP.57p), we get .04c per litre discount by shopping at Woolworth's Supermarkets (spending more that $30 in one hit - about GBP12), in Adelaide (state's capital) it was about $1.53 pl yesterday. Snowtown is about 150km from Adelaide - it's quiet here now, but the town was world infamous in 1998, when the bodies-in-barrels were discovered in a disused bank vault."


"I live in Canada, just an hour and half drive outside our capital Ottawa,Ontario. This evening I paid $1.10cdn a liter. I remember when I moved to Ontario in 1999, petrol was only 65 cents a liter. My, my how things have changed."

Paul Jones

" I am an ex pat living in Corfu Greece The price for unleaded in our local petrol stations is between 1-18 and 1-20 per litre. At the time of writing this the exchange rate was 1-26 to £1-00"

Brian ex pat

"I live and work in Bahrain, the current price for 4 star petrol is around 14 pence. Dont blame the arabs for the tax on petrol."

R Fletcher

"In Turkmenistan everyone gets 120 litres of benzin (petrol) FREE from the government. After that, it costs less than US 2 cents (1 penny) per litre... "


"Todays advertised price in Sydney is A$1.499 for 91. Trouble is the big four petrol companies, Shell, BP, Mobil and Caltex are locking off the 91 and 95 punmps and forcing you to buy 98 at circa A$1.68 "


"Hello I am currently working in Venezuela. The petrol is 2.5p YES 2.5p a litre. Unbelieveable but true. Using the black market currency exchange it cost me 50p the fill from empty my Peugeot 206. At the official exchange rate still only one pound to fill the tank."

Steve Day

"Fantastic site. Why are we doing nothing about this as a counry? It is digusting how much we pay for fuel! it\'s costing me nearly 50 pounds to fill up my small hatchback!! We are being teated like fools and being robbed blind by are own government! "

Alex - The midlands

"I can't figure out how to make the Add a new Station button work."

Jim Thomson

"You have a BP servive station, name Banbury Road, located in the centre of Bicester, in what looks like someone's back garden. I think this is an error!"


"It would be useful to see the last date a petrol price was updated on the map. That way one can judge how accurate the price is."


"Why are we not burning cars and striking like the French - fuel prices have hiked way too high and there is no one out there organizing or doing anything about it - why the English can't complain i really don't know but the cost of fuel has got to go down in the uk or the whole place is going to grind to a shuddering halt - do something NOW and start complaining"


"Thanks for the feedback about the garage being closed. That info will get updated. I checked though and unsurprisingly we haven't got a price submitted for it??"


"Huh! In the sixties, my Dad used to give me a fiver and I would put in 20 gallons. Now instead of four gallons a pound, its four pounds a gallon. Ouch! "

David, Chelmsford.

"you quote a price at a shell garage in moulsham street chelmsford. This garage has been closed for about 4 years!!!"