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This page contains links to pages that give cost estimates and advice for all kinds of plumbing work. From fixing a leaking tap right through to install a whole new plumbing system, we have everything including the kitchen sink!

There is also good advice on fizing leaky taps, repairing frozen pipes and even installing that cliched kitchen sink. 

General Plumbing Work - Main pricing page for all plumbing work

Central Heating - Looks in detail at the various costs associated installing and maintaining a central heating system

New Central Heating Calculator - Simple pricing calculator works out the cost of installing a new boiler and central heating. Tailor the estimate to your own house.

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The following table gives some of the plumbing prices that our visitors have recently submitted. Please click on the prices to get more details.

Plumbing Costs: Disclaimer
Plumbing Work Plumbing Details Average Price Units
Boiler Oil Supply Only £967 item/job
Central heating   £988 item/job
Bathroom Bath £315 item/job
Bathroom 1 £130  
Central heating Install £3193 item/job
Central heating Pump £196 item/job
Bathroom Taps £112 item/job
Repair Bath £109 item/job
Repair Burst Pipes £224 item/job
Central heating Radiators £511 item/job

Please feel free to browse some of our most recent articles on plumbing topics.

Plumbing Articles: Disclaimer
Plumbing Article About the Plumbing Article Date
Boiler Price How much does it cost to have a replacement gas, oil or solid fuel boiler or a new one installed or perhaps to get your boiler repaired or even just serviced?... 2011-04-30
London Plumber As a homeowner, you should have a plumber who can provide you with all plumbing services, both repairs and installations. However, finding a good London plumber is challenging.... 2011-04-29
Maintaining Your Heating System When it comes to energy efficiency, maintaining your heating system is a huge part of that. Plus, it is crucial for many other aspects. Follow our tips for lowering your heating bills this winter.... 2011-03-21
Building a Shower Cubical Adding a shower to your home can add value and make a real difference. Follow our guide on how to install a shower cubical in your home. ... 2010-12-20
Installing and Using a Water Softener This article explains what a water softener does and how your home can benefit from having one. ... 2010-12-20
Extractor Fans in Bathrooms An extractor fan can ensure that rooms remain mould and mildew free. Our article will help you to choose, install and maintain a bathroom extractor fan. ... 2010-08-29
Maintaining and Repairing a Cistern By understanding how a toilet cistern works you can ensure yours stays in good working order. Our article explains how to maintain and repair your cistern.... 2010-08-09
Draining and Cleaning a Central Heating System Many common central heating system problems can be fixed simply by draining and cleaning your system. This article covers how to correctly drain a system and how you can go about giving your central ... 2010-07-25
Boiler Service People are often puzzled when it comes to boiler servicing. Various aspects of boiler servicing will be discussed here, but let's start of by explaining what it is.... 2010-07-17
Central Heating Problems There are several central heating systems on the market, which include pumped systems, gravity systems and sealed systems. The most popular is the pumped system and the problems discussed here will re... 2010-07-17
Preventing pipes from freezing A frozen pipe is not just a pesky nuisance that needs to be corrected time and again; it can wreak havoc on your home and cause several harrowing and expensive problems that could have been easily avo... 2010-03-28
Installing a water softener A water softener is a device that helps to filter certain minerals from water such as magnesium and calcium while most regular softeners will only remove these minerals; there are other that can also ... 2010-03-28
Draining a Central Heating System This article explains how to drain and refil a household central heating system.... 2010-03-21
Water Softener Water softeners are appliance systems that convert the magnesium and calcium ions in hard water into sodium ions. Doing this makes the water soft. ... 2010-02-17
Types of Boilers There are many different types of boilers available now. This article goes through the different types and will help you decide which is the best for your home along with how much each type will cost... 2010-02-14
Freezing Pipes If you live in a country that gets extremely cold weather, then it is recommended that you take measures to avoid freezing pipes every year before winter sets in. Prevention is better than cure, like... 2010-02-14
Underfloor Heating The underfloor heating or radiant heating system is not a new concept. The Romans have used the same principle in their homes and public buildings. ... 2010-02-14
Plumber Advice Getting a good plumber can be tricky. The hourly rate of a plumber is one of, if not, the highest of the main trades. Therefore getting a good job done at the right price is imperitive.... 2010-02-13
Central Heating All about costs of home heating including boiler costs, central heating install, repairs, radiators... 2010-02-13
Boilers: Types and Regulations We sometimes take for granted one of the most important things we should get for our new house - the lowly boiler. That thing we store away in an obscure cupboard that enables us to take hot baths an... 2010-02-13
Types of Domestic Showers There are many different types of shower available which are designed to suit the different types of domestic hot water systems. ... 2010-02-13
Boiler Installation It is important to determine the size and requirements of a boiler system.... 2010-01-27
Bathroom Installing You have finally decided to take the plunge to install a new bathroom. You just had your basement refurbished for your kids' recreation room. Your children are now in their early teens and the added s... 2009-11-08
Bathroom Installation Getting an exquisite bathroom fitting, such as taps, hoses made by Italian makers and the tub and the toilet fixtures produced by leading manufacturers, is a good but a costly idea indeed. ... 2009-11-04
Water damage Water damage can be caused by a number of reasons. Whatever reason it may be, immediate action and response within 24 to 48 hours should be made to lessen the water damage done to the different househ... 2009-04-15
Plumber Prices Here are some average prices of how much it costs to have various plumbing jobs done in the UK. The prices have been collected from Whatprice visitors and personal experience or research.... 2008-02-18
DIY Household Plumbing Information on how you can try to deal with clogged up pipes before having to call in the experts. It explains how to best use plungers, liquid drain cleaners and augers when faced with blocked toilet... 2008-01-27
Plumbing Repairs As with many things, it can be difficult to determine if you have a small or major plumbing problem. Trying to fix it on your own may or may not be a good idea.... 2007-05-28
Running Toilets I am convinced the noise made by a running toilet is a form of torture if you are trying to sleep. Here is how to fix it and get some sleep... 2007-05-28
Bathrooms- There are more ways to refresh your bathroom than looking for contractors and companies offering repair services. Of course you can't expect to achieve miracles but at least you can try to fix some of... 2007-05-28
Plumber Hire For just about any homeowner the day will come when you need to hire a plumber, and it can be quite a costly phone call to make.... 2007-05-20
History of Sinks The sink is defined in plumbing as a bowl-shaped fixture found in the kitchen made out of stainless, steel, porcelain or other materials that is used for washing the hands, dishes, pans and other smal... 2007-05-20
Water leaks and hosepipe bans Summer 2006 saw hosepipe bans in many areas of South East England. Astonishing amounts of water are lost to leakage before reaching our houses, so are hosepipe bans the fault of the water companies? ... 2007-05-19
Frozen Pipes If your home gets too cold, the water in your pipes can freeze overnight and then burst in the day when it warms back up. This leaves the potential for extensive flooding and water damage to your home... 2007-01-19
Central Heating Includes estimates for servicing and fitting a Central Heating System, replacing a boiler, or replacing radiators ... 2007-01-16
Plumbing Info The items below exerps from genuine estimates that people have obtained for plumbing jobs in the UK. Note that these plumbing estimatescome from the public and merely represent what other people have ... 2007-01-16
Home Building Bathroom sinks, also called lavatories, are available in an infinite range of colors, patterns, styles, designs, heights, depths, widths, and materials. They can be pedestal style, wall hung, under-co... 2006-11-05
Bathroom Toilets When designing your bathroom, the easiest product to pick out should be your toilet, because it's style is simply one of personal preference because all of them work in the same way.... 2006-11-05
Stainless Steel Sinks Stainless steel sinks are usually the standard for kitchens and even some bathrooms, mainly since this material is durable. ... 2006-09-22
The Kitchen Faucet In the design of your new kitchen, the faucet can be one of the largest, most critical aspects of it all. In many cases, you will find that a beautiful one can be the completion of a beautiful kitchen... 2006-03-29
Kitchen or Bathroom Part of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom will lead you to purchasing the right faucet for the area. Why take the time to choose something? Why invest the time and money into something that seems so... 2006-03-19
Bathroom Water Damage The frequent use of water in the bathroom makes it extremely vulnerable for moist accumulation and potential water damage. By inspecting it regularly, you can reduce water related damages. ... 2006-02-11
Repairing Frozen Pipes In just a matter of a months winter will be upon us. Besides bundling up from the cold and shoveling snow, homeowners sometimes have to deal with the additional task of fixing frozen pipes. ... 2006-02-11
Bathroom Accessories Using accessories we can create a relaxing atmosphere to be in whilst we soak in the bubbles or have a long relaxing shower to unwind from our busy day. Accessories such as candles, decor, and floorin... 2006-02-11

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"Having a boiler break down and leave you without hot water and heating can be a real problem, especially with winters getting so much colder each year. This is why you should always pay close attention to how your boiler is running and listen out for any unusual noises or rooms that just don’t seem to be heating up as they once used to. If you are starting to experience any problems it is best to call out an engineer for London boiler repairs to get your system working smoothly again before it gives up completely."


"Doing the appropriate research so that you are familiar with plumber’s rates and the way they should be doing the job will definitely help you in determining whether you are being overcharged. In the end though, you will normally benefit more from hiring someone with professional plumbing training, than doing a difficult job yourself."


"Every career field has specific requirements that are desired by employers which count as qualifications to be employed at a specific occupation at their desired job. If you are considering a career in plumbing, then you must know the requirements of this field.. Knowing what will help you to get the best jobs available in plumbing, and working your way towards better opportunities in the vocation of plumbing is a simplistic way to get into the career field at a higher level. One of the most asked questions for people considering the plumbing career field is whether it is necessary to build credentials through education. There are several analysts who have stated that learning the basics of plumbing requires hands-on experience and a certain level of apprenticeship. However, people are discovering as the demand grows for plumbing specialists, the education must be balanced with the demand for plumbing specialists. If you are looking at career options and need education for a career in plumbing, then taking some plumbing courses can help to give you a boost forward in the field. The more you know about how plumbing works, you will be able to function in your new career. This prevents “first job experiences” such as making common mistakes. Using education as an alternative source for better opportunities presents “well-rounded” valuable experience with your job. Vocational schools have the best resources for obtaining a certificate or degree in plumbing. Most schools have simulated systems of commercial and homes structures on their campus for the student to handle “real world” situations. For anyone that is interested in building a substantial career in plumbing, you should talk with a counselor at a Vocational school and map out an educational strategy. Vocational schools have the best training programs for plumbing and can give you, the potential student, more attention than a regular college. Plumbing courses is the key to long range career development. Plumbing Courses - Able Skills plumbing courses for anyone looking to learn plumbing. Beginners and advanced with City & Guilds qualifications also available "

Matt Morgan

"Why should our hot water in the bathroom only be dirty (at times, leaving scum and mild froth), yet the hot water downstairs remain clean? My wife loves a bath but is reluctant to sit in dirty water."