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Costs and quotes from plumbers for all kinds of plumbing jobs and services.

The table below indicates some of the plumber pricing feedback that we have been given. From estimates of fixing and servicing a central heating system through to plumbing in a new dishwasher.

Plumbers are in high demand in the UK especially during the winter months so it is worth finding a good plumber and keeping him/her!

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Plumbing Prices: Disclaimer
General description Specific description Average Price Units Last Updated
Bathroom   £2777 item/job 2015-06-19
Bathroom 1 £130   2015-02-02
Bathroom Basin £116 item/job 2015-03-17
Bathroom Bath £315 item/job 2015-03-08
Bathroom Labour £1022 item/job 2015-02-07
Bathroom Labour + Materials £2031 item/job 2015-03-31
Bathroom Radiators £256 item/job 2015-01-05
Bathroom Shower £616 item/job 2015-04-19
Bathroom Taps £112 item/job 2015-04-22
Bathroom Toilet £186 item/job 2015-06-08
Bathroom suite   £1267 item/job 2013-02-09
Bathroom suite Labour £705 item/job 2015-04-14
Bathroom suite Labour + Materials £2088 item/job 2015-04-21
Boiler   £1651 item/job 2015-07-13
Boiler Fitting Only £907 item/job 2015-05-11
Boiler Gas Supply Only £1031 item/job 2011-01-26
Boiler Oil Supply Only £967 item/job 2010-09-22
Boiler Repair £236 item/job 2015-06-07
Boiler Service £63 item/job 2015-02-17
Boiler Solid Fuel Supply Only £1925 item/job 2007-11-05
Boiler Supply + fitting £2024 item/job 2015-07-27
Call-out charge   £65 item/job 2015-07-16
Central heating   £988 item/job 2013-12-01
Central heating Cylinder £918 item/job 2015-07-03
Central heating Fitting Only £794 item/job 2014-12-29
Central heating Install £3193 item/job 2015-08-12
Central heating Pump £196 item/job 2015-04-08
Central heating Radiators £511 item/job 2015-07-01
Central heating Repair £225 item/job 2015-07-15
Central heating Replace £3213 item/job 2015-07-30
Central heating Water tank £1093 item/job 2010-09-09
Diy   £18 item/job 2013-09-13
Door flood barrier   £115 item/job 2005-08-09
Emergency callout   £169 item/job 2015-07-19
Fit outside tap   £69 item/job 2015-07-03
Gas safety check   £58 item/job 2015-05-05
Ground source heat pump Install £15713 item/job 2011-06-18
Insulation   £500 item/job 2014-12-22
Kitchen   £92 item/job 2013-12-03
Kitchen Dishwasher £109 item/job 2013-07-06
Kitchen Install £361 item/job 2015-06-30
Kitchen Taps £83 item/job 2015-06-02
Labour   £142 hour 2015-02-17
Miscellaneous   £306 item/job 2015-01-07
Quoted too much   £1190 item/job 2015-08-07
Repair   £392 item/job 2013-09-13
Repair Ballcock £77 item/job 2015-04-08
Repair Bath £109 item/job 2011-02-15
Repair Burst Pipes £224 item/job 2012-09-12
Repair Hot water £230 item/job 2011-11-09
Repair Leaky tap £47 item/job 2013-09-17
Repair Stop Cock £73 item/job 2012-11-30
Repair Toilet £69 item/job 2015-06-07
Repair Valve £110 item/job 2013-01-20
Water softener   £478 item/job 2015-07-15
Water softener Install £774 item/job 2015-04-04
Water softener Materials £5 item/job 2005-09-02
Water tank Install £427 item/job 2015-08-18

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"Thanks for the info. There is a toronto plumbing company that did my brother's plumbing one time. He said that they were able to quickly fix the problem and he hasn't needed to get that same thing fixed in four or five years now."

Tyson Cartier

"This page does give some correct and good price lines foe some of the jobs. I am a plumber too not corgi engineer yet. I'm new on the field. And when I get called for jobs, I don't know what to charge Nd I hesitate. And every amount seems high but now I know that Plumbing is a high costing job. But still £650 for installing a shower? Wow.. That's way too much! God bless that customer who paid that much for it! I charge around £160-180 for that! Plus if any other requirements! But some are correct and I do mostly those jobs so its a nice guideline for me but I always end up charging lot less than what I'd have in my mind. Damn hesitation..."

Sajan Rai

"Not interested in what others are charged, I was looking for what a layman could consider a reasonable price as opposed to a cowboy and rip off price. So pointless guide..."

Tom Hamilton

"Lmao, timed served plumber. Where do you get these prices from??? If I charged half these prices I would get slagged down come on be real this site is a compleat joke. Russ manchester"


" Hi I don't have any plumber info or anything related to plumbers or plumbing. I would just like to praise your website for firstly the content, it is so detailed, readable and easilly understood with a promptly updated at the start of a new year result too! Excellent Straight to the point addressing the issue or queerie in question! The way that the pricing examples are exhibited is second to none!! I have not found a site so quickly and easilly when doing a specific search on the web ever before!! But I am so impressed with the well thought out,well presented,admireably and impecably designed website!! I just had to voice my pleasure{releasing endorphins as I sit here smiling due to satisfaction!For a change!}My mobile phone network provider, actually all four that I have used Plus the enormous {swiss?}mobile manufacturer{who should sack thier IT staff, due to the diabolicle website and chronic software they develop{that damages in more cases than it improves your mobile}are world wide massive companies and not one of their websites come even close to yours in any way!!!They are so awful I try to avoid visiting them, so I do not get so frustrated & furious that I want to destroy my pc! Ha Ha! But I have eagerly 'Bookmarked' your site and will be using it again & again! 100%! Also I will be recomending and informing others of such a find!! Thank You so very much for providing 'What?Price' for us all! Cheers X"

Tracy Chapman Gloucestershire uk

"I've been keen on getting into plumbing for the past couple of years, but im getting told recently, "don't bother, you'll only get about £40-50 a day now, anyone disagree with this? "

- Jon, Leeds

"the facts seem to be misleading why do you need to be corgi reg to fix a tap plumbers rates are cheaper than a heating engineer plumbers are not qualified to work on gas "

simon butler

"The problem is the area you live in makes a big difference. Can you include that somewhere?
Admin: We do already, though cannot on the average prices. Click on any of the links in the table to see examples of the actual submitted prices including where and when they were done."

J Sherman

"Feel strongly that I was overcharged."

G J Prestidge

"These look like rip off prices to me !! Don't you have realistic times for jobs along with a rate per hour (in each region ) ? As an ex time study person I cannot see how some of these prices are justified. No wonder someone want to use your site in order to give quotes !"


"Brilliant site, very helpful, it helps me to give my customers a very competetive quote. We should have more sites like this so we can get rid of the cowboys. Happy new year to all."

John, Lancashire

"good until i saw dirty video advertised,am sat with son who aske what it was, not happy not coming on again. Admin: many apologies, it was through a third party advertiser and I am taking steps to ensure it shouldn't happen again."


"As a mechanical Engineer of 20+ years and about to re-train in plumbing and heating, finding your site was a god send, iformative and easy to understand. Many thanks"


"If it says supply only then its parts only, if it says fitting only then its fitting only. Click on the links on the left hand side of the table to take you to a page with more detail on each of the prices that go into working out the averages. Most of the prices are per job and we don't usually get told the number of hours taken to complete."


"Are the prices quoted for labour only or do they include materials? How many hours does each price represent? "