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Driveways can be made of tarmac, paving slabs, brick (which can be herring bone style or a regular pattern), concrete or gravel. How much each of them costs depends largely on how much work you are willing to do on the driveway yourself. A gravel driveway can look nice and cost little in materials (<£100, of course depending on size) but still requires and awful lot of hard work to make. For all of the methods the first step will be to dig out the ground where the driveway will go. Then a layer hardcore can be compacted down and finally the top surface applied. The compaction step is important as cars are heavy and will cause subsidence in the sturdiest looking driveway.

Building prices for driveway : Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Remove Tarmac drive and relay in block 80 m2 £6,200 item/job South wales 2015-05-13
Block paving Hampshire and South East. £90 m2 all work fully garenteed. 07802817687 £90 m2 Hampshire 2015-05-02
MOT sub base and cement for 3mx5m driveway £1,500 item/job Manchester 2015-04-11
driveway to be tarmaced 300sq meters £9,000 m2 Wolverhampton 2015-03-10
tarmacdrive 7mX7m grassed area before £1,700 item/job Yorkshire 2015-02-13
We come with 18+ years experience in the landscaping field and offer as standard a 12-15 year guarantee on all if our driveways, Famcor Property Services also provide a wide range of other services from extensions to maintaining that beautiful garden you've always wanted, we are based in SW London. Our driveways are excavated to a minimum depth of 300mm/1' and built up using hardcore, scalping, sharp sand and the block pavers of your choice and prices range from £65-£70 per m2 £65 m2 London 2014-12-06
Built front drive with kerbs, Brett Aplha Antique Charcoal 50mm, 300sqm including alleyway, brilliant job, looks amazing £21,000 item/job Croydon 2014-09-26
I had a new driveway installed in pattern imprinted concrete 50m2 they dug a depth of 10 inches layer a sub base 6 inches type1 mot and 4 inches fibre concrete perfect job great firm bensondriveways only cost me £1900 and a perfect job £1,900 m2 Kent 2013-09-10
Would just like to thank Andy and the lads from GCS Paving for doing a great job block paving our drive and laying our new patio in the garden. They were all very professional and left everything clean and tidy every evening when they left, which is great for us as we have 3 children that run every where ! Would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is thinking of creating a new drive way of creating a patio. These are there details Andy Blundred 01604 722606. £4,875 item/job Northampton 2013-06-01
Driveway..... 60 metres square in driveline 50 burnt ochre, total dig out with drainage if necessary and edging. Includes all rubish etc taken away via skip..... £4000 total price £4,000 item/job North yorkshire 2013-05-20
Front garden area and driveway(4cars) not sure overall size,fabulous job done, The Edinburgh Driveway Company £6,500 item/job Edinburgh 2013-05-06
prep up drive,block paving bricks to entrance,overlay 74m of concrete with 15mm resin bound surface trowelled to a smooth finish. brookgate 07823690454 £45 m2 Sheffield 2013-04-25
Front Garden dug up, hardcore laid and compacted. Base layer of tarmac , finished off with surface layer of tarmac with block paved edging and drainage installed. 30m2 looks absolutely great! Pleasure to deal with too. Firm is called RJ Colbourne would recommend to anyone £1,450 item/job Stourbridge 2013-04-17
Hardtoppaving & landscapes just finished my driveway and artificial grass round the back.great lads,no fuss,hard working and done a fantastic job.we are delighted.60m2 of monoblock with all the type1 and everything was £3000.the artificial grass was 35m2 for £1400.All guaranteed for 10 years.htp-07780904343 £4,400 m2 Glasgow 2013-04-12
33 square meters £1,350 item/job Glasgow 2013-04-08
Resin Bound Drives & Paths £76 m2 All over the uk 2013-02-04
We had our drive block paved by a wonderfull company called Build All 01484 609997 .They suuplied and layed the block paving £20 m2 Huddersfield 2012-11-30
Tarmac 73 squard yards and supply of Tarmac. How much will the Tarmac cost and how many lays of tarmac is required. Can this job be done in 3 days. £2,000 item/job West mids 2012-09-30
We used Dj Haill paving for our block paved drive. Excellent job and would highly recommend to anyone, phone 07766024137. He charged us 50 pound sq meter for complete job. £4,500 m2 Bury St Edmunds 2012-09-26
PATTERN IMPRINTED CONCRETE 60m2 A142 mesh reinforced (ground springy, taking 2 4x4's,& guaranteed it won't crack). Absolutely superb job done by Ian & his crew with his dad, Ron (50 years experience-now retired)popping on site to cast a trained eye on things, not that Ian needed it as he has 10years experience, was very helpful,hard working,informative,easy to get on with & the road was swept and jet-washed at the end of every shift (he even washed our neighbours' car & windows on completion)leaving us with an everlasting,maintenance-free drive of distinction. Thanks I.C.Imprinted Concrete. IAN 07592-971454(if he is pouring concrete he wont answer) RON(Dad)07930-602549 £75 m2 WIDNES 2012-09-15
dts developments did our courtyard which was just over 100 sqm . We found him on the Marshalls approved web site and the owner carl came and designed the whole thing for us showing us the finished pictures on his lap top designer and it looked great ! we couldnt wait for it to be fitted. The final job was fantastic split and onto two levels with raised seating area. We honestly did have cheaper quotes but so please we went with carl. and with a 10 year guarantee we are over the moon and he has done a patio and driveway for someone else in the village . his name is Carl from DTS Developments £70 m2 North 2012-05-09
Block paved drive with kerb edging all around, 80 sqm in size £4,200 item/job Bromsgrove 2012-05-07
Excavate, disposal, lay and compact MOT type 1, lay block paving on 50mm sand bed, sand and compact. Phone Lloyd & Son Ltd. 07500113993 - Brian. for free quote £50 m2 North Wales Coast 2012-05-02
45m2 standard driveline blocks in brindle with a charcoal solider course, excavation of old garden, drainage fitted, retaining wall built all materials and labour £3000.00 £3,000 item/job Surrey 2012-04-25
Hi there our company (pave-it) specialise in block paving, we supply and fit top quality block paving example of works,plaspave sorrento 60mm laid on 2 inches of screed wash grit sand, on top of 12 inches of type 1 road stone yes 1 foot the deeper the stone the harder the surface that's our rule maximum input is needed when preparing for blockpaving our work is gaurnteed for 5 years certificate issued upon completion give us a call for a free quote 01773 74 74 74,078755481886,sorrento 58 pounds per metre,or plaspave 60 s 49 pounds per metre all supplied and fitted £48 m2 Nottinghamshire 2012-04-16
Remove old driveway 63m2 (50m2 tarmac plus 13m2 concrete). Supply and lay hardcore to 200mm. Supply and lay sand to 50mm. Supply and lay 63m2 Marshalls Driveline-50 monoblock. Supply and lay 12m Marshalls Ks kerbs. Total cost £5700 (£90/m2) £90 m2 Edinburgh 2012-04-15
60 square meters of block paving with step skip and labouer 5 days to do the job complete £2,345 item/job Newcastle 2012-04-15
60 square meters of block paving with step skip and labouer 5 days to do the job complete it was done by N E MAINTENANCE NORTH SHIELDS GOOD AND RELIABLE we were pleased with the lads on ar job freindly lads £2,345 item/job Newcastle 2012-04-15
To Powerwash my block paved driveway and repair 12m2 of it. which was sunken,and also resanded entire driveway which was 78m2 .Took 2days £235, very professional job,,there number is 07732884533 DG Powerwashers £235 item/job Bristol 2012-04-01
Resin bonded driveway pathway with aggregate, cost was £75/square meter if less than 40m2 and £50/m2 if more than 40m2, £75 m2 Bradford 2012-03-16
200 sq meter drive excavated, drainage installed with soakaway, lined with geo-textile and filled with compacted gravel. £3,000 item/job Wales 2012-02-22
Block paving using Marshalls driveline 50 block pavers. Site excavated to 150mm below finished surface area MOT type 1 compacted to 75mm with a 25mm bed of screeded sharp sand with paver layed to finished level. 18Yrs experience, fully insured prices from £45/m2 installation dependant on pavier type. contact Famcor Services @ £45 m2 West London 2012-02-02
Brilliant driveway, the boys came in and were there for about 1 week and have totally transformed my garden. Price included was for a cotswold gravel 200m2 and included a small retaining wall. I would recommend them anytime! Daniel 07716269150 £3,950 m2 Liverpool 2011-12-06
resin bonded driveway, first to make good cracks with latex, smooth over and fill low level areas and then aply tarmacadam- leave for 28 days and then apply rersin bonded stone surface £11,500 item/job Watford 2011-10-25
150 meter of stone £3,000 item/job London 2011-09-13
block paved drive ways £50 m2 Durham 2011-09-05
Resurfacing of old (tarmacadam drive) drive with asphalt using reputable local contractor of 40 years. Planing off reducing levels, removal of all debris laying 40mm thickness of 45/10 Asphalt material. Consolidate and sealing all joints. About 180 sq metres - works out at about £20 per m2. £3,552 item/job Powys 2011-07-29
check these out they have just finished my driveway and they are 07957 100705 £60 m2 Tyneside 2011-07-01
25 square metres excavated 12 inches backfilled with 9 inches of road stone(type 1) marshalls tegula border (block paving) two inches of 20mm base tarmac 25 mm of surface coarse rolled and wackered finished job waste taken away materials and labour£1145 castle construction 07875481886 01773 747474 fantastic job cant fault them at all really nice guys and lovely job £1,145 item/job Selston nottingham 2011-06-20
All blocp paving materials supplied at a cost of £1200, labour to dig out and fit £1000 area 25m". £2,200 item/job West London 2011-03-05
Gravel grid, Inc gravel,prep etc Fantastic finish,really happy with the job,laid over old driveway £22 m2 Watford 2011-02-18
Dig out and remove old drive, remove sub soil to 300mm. Lay weed blanket then type 1 MOT and whack down in layers of 100mm to a depth of 100mm below finished height. Lay and whack sharp sand to 50mm. Screed level. Lay pavers to design and sand. Whack to level flush surface. £60 m2 Norfolk 2011-02-17
remove existing driveway MOT Type 1 sub-base, 60mm thk basecourse (20mm), 30mm wearing course (6mm) including block paving edges, 2 recessed manhole covers and about 6m of linear drainage £3,300 item/job Midlands 2011-02-10
block paving by RIPLEY DRIVEWAYS DERBY marshalls tegula , plas pave como £58 per square metre excavated prept laid to very high standards ,tarmac £30 per square metre call for a free quotation 07875481886 £58 m2 Ripley derbyshire 2011-01-20
ad landscapes all monoblock work with warranty £60 m2 Fife central scotland 2011-01-10
whole drive old concrete removed crush and run put in 66m2 of flags and block paving edgeon sand and cement £2,900 item/job Wirral 2010-12-05
Resin bound aggregates-a mixture of dried gravel and clear polyurethane binder mixed and trowled to a smooth finish.Laid at 15mm depth over a existing concrete or tarmac area.£45.00 m2 plus vat. £45 m2 Yorkshire 2010-11-25
just over 100m2 of paving had choice of colours and patterns,used 30ton type 1 mot stone.very efficient and good finish,their number is 07715618941[alan] if anyone is looking for a good builder £2,950 item/job West midlands 2010-11-08
Had old driveway comprising of concrete and tarmac removed, driveway widened to fit 2 cars. All waste removed, drainage installed, roadstone put down and compacted, edging stones in, and block paving an area of around 48m2. Very Please with the work. Seen others done around the corner and mine puts theirs to shame. It was done by Charles Francis (07814004238) £4,600 item/job Hucknall, Nottingham 2010-10-24

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