External render pebble dash

Building prices for external render pebble dash

Seen now perhaps as fairly dated exterior finish to the house brickwork, it consists of a thick base coat, covered with a render of small stones. Blown pebbledash is when cracks appear, or when the surface coating has become separated from the thick base coat or the whole surface has separated from the wall behind. The prices in the table show either the total price for supply and apply of the pebble dash to the walls or the per metre squared cost.

Building prices for external render pebble dash: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
April 2015 - for average sized semi-detached house, rear wall only....erect scaffold, remove old render, re-render and Canterbury spar dash, remove rubble £2,200 house Surrey 2015-04-25
large detatched bungalow,6 Bed. sand cement render base coat. textured silicon top coat. 200 m2 wall area , including 6 gables. 110 linear metres of corner beads. includes whole area ( inc door windows 0 or else allowance has to be made for reveals. labour only £6,000 house Slirlingshire, 2014 2014-09-29
3 bedroom semi detached house needs first coated with scrim and adhesive then top coat and pebble dashed £3,500 house Scotland 2014-09-14
Need to repair (or replace) render and pebble dash of front and back of a mid-terrace house after cracks appeared from below windows to head height. House only rendered and pebble-dashed above head height. £1,200 house North East 2014-06-02
2 walls stripped and re done with pebble dash £2,500 house Scotland 2014-04-12
Back wall of house, patchwork repair to roughcast using mesh. £1,000 house Kilbirnie 2013-06-03
coloured render, charged 30sqm materials and labour. renderart.co.uk £2,000 house Bedfordshire 2012-06-08
taking off old render, down to breezeblocks, applying first coat, applying top render in a smooth finish £750 house Scarborough 2012-05-03
3 bed semi detached house. Full old render removal with all rubbish put in skip. Render applied then pebble dashed in black and white. All consumables including skip provided so quote was labour only. 1900 £1,900 house North wales 2011-12-02
3bed full house rendering 07852625752 £4,500 house Peterborough 2011-05-10
One coat of cement and one coat of cement and apply roughcast durite £2,800 house Dundee 2010-11-05
1 Gable Wall, front and rear facade fully pebble dashed on a End Terraced property £1,800 house Stirling 2010-07-27
roughcast rendering £38 house Surrey 2010-06-17
external rendering around french double doors £500 house High wycombe 2010-06-10
full house rendered £4,000 house Wales 2010-01-11
Applying coloured render in rough style finish to 16 m2 of newly built retaining wall £580 house Devon 2009-08-18
Rendering of rear of 2 storey mid terrace house with white cement. Labour and materials included with use of scaffold tower. 2 Plasters plus 1 general labourer for 5 days. £1,915 house Weymouth/Dorset 2009-03-28
Semi detached house 3 sides re-rendered and pebble dashed, top half of house only £1,700 house Huddersfield 2009-01-19
3 coat pebble dash £4,000 house Wales 2008-01-03

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