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A wooden garage can be as little as a large garden shed and could be assembled yourself (with some help of course). With the correctly treated timber and appropriate precautions taken to ensure it doesn't sit in run-off water the garage should last for years and cost a lot less than a brick built one. Wooden garages can come in all shapes and sizes from a small wooden shed all the way up to a massive log-cabin style garage. A wooden garage can built incredibly cheaply, but as with all things, the more expensive the materials you use, the longer the building will last.

Building prices for garage wood: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
new garage 7 by 7 concrete floor electrical connections and new roof in london area £5,000 m2 London 2014-12-09
4.6mts x 3.2mtr interlocking timber walls, double doors and side access door. Roof timber, clad with rooding membrane then precut marley tiles. Autumn 2009. Garage built on concrete slab dug and poured by local father and son builder £2,900 item/job Cotswolds 2010-11-11
11m sq. L shape, 5 Power points, 2 gates + 1 doors, side gate, 1 window, 4 simple shelves(ply + 5 brackets each), guttering, felt roof(torch-on), shiplap cladding on the sides, locks, bolts etc (bits and pieces) MATERIALS AND LABOUR 10 DAYS FOR TWO £4,950 item/job London 2008-07-28
Wood, Supply and Self-build, no concrete base £23 m2 UK 2006-03-11
Wood, Pre-fabricated, no concrete base £50 m2 UK 2006-03-11
Wood, Self-build, no concrete base £23 m2   2005-01-13
Wood, Pre-fabricated, no concrete base £50 m2   2005-01-12
Wood, detached, local joiner, incl. concrete base £90 m2   2005-01-11

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