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Building prices for house building all materials

A breakdown of the materials costs for a typical house build. This will include the materials for the plumbing and sanitation, the kitchen, the floors, any plastering that needed doing, all the brickwork internally and externally, the drains, cladding and insulation, tiling, woodwork, electrical wiring, heating, roof work and chimneys if required. Basically everything except the labour and equipment hire - oh and the land costs which are significant.

Building prices for house building all materials: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
PREPARE ALL WOOD WORK + CEILING & WALLS PAINT CEILING + WALLS TWO COATS UNDER COAT & GLOSS ALL WOOD WORK OTHER LITTLE JOBS DONE for example - To paint 1 room, includes as many coats as wall needs, windersill, door, ceiling, skirtingboard, and anything else in the room painted call 07599893040 £90 house Portsmouth 2011-10-14
3 bed 2 bath detached house with single garage. 124m2 total floor area of buildings. Included central heating, kitchen, decorating etc. Complete build. £93,000 house Bolton 2008-12-16
Large 3-bed, detached, integral garage, 155m^2 £72,460 house Cambridge 2007-10-19
4-bed, detached house, 190m^2 £78,400 house Cambridge 2007-10-19
5-Bed house, 2000 sq foot £61,750 house   2005-02-01

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