House building fees/hire

Building prices for house building fees/hire

Certain equipment such as cement mixers or portable diggers can make the build of a new house less labour intensive but have to be included in the price of a new build house. All manner of tools can be hired from building equipment hire places, from simple devices such as electric drills all the way through to larger diggers.

Building prices for house building fees/hire: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Insurance £570 house   2005-02-21
Utilities £10,900 house   2005-02-20
Plant/Tools £3,500 house   2005-02-19
Tool Hire £100 house   2005-02-18
Van Hire £120 house   2005-02-17
Scaffold £1,150 house   2005-02-16
Security £450 house   2005-02-15
House Plans £460 house   2005-02-14
Valuation £175 house   2005-02-13
Solicitor £565 house   2005-02-12

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