House building labour

Building prices for house building labour

Part of the cost of building a new house is just time spent by workman constructing and finishing the house. Much of the work will be carried out by the builder or his labourers, but there will also need to be plumbers and electricians on site along with carpenters, roofers, painters and tilers.

Building prices for house building labour: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
demolition of the kichen dividing vall £1,000 house London 2012-08-16
summer house in wood one bedroom bathroom and toilet with kitchenette size 8 metres by 4 metres height 2.5 £6,000 house UK 2009-03-09
fiting a kitchen with scockets and electric cooker £1,200 house Reading 2007-11-20
finished floor screeding bungalow 2000m2 £800 house Northern ireland 2007-11-10
Artexing £420 house   2005-02-10
Painter £1,770 house   2005-02-09
Tiler £550 house   2005-02-08
Plasterer £2,200 house   2005-02-07
Plumber £800 house   2005-02-06
Roofer £2,500 house   2005-02-05
Joiner £1,380 house   2005-02-04
Builder £13,700 house   2005-02-03

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