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Building prices for joiner : Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
pricing is for fitting only materials provided, its for 17 base units 10 wall units and 3 worktops £1,200 job Manchester 2015-03-27
FENCE professionaly fitted , 180 slats vertical at 2.4Metres x22x100 ,12 100x100x 3metre posts , 71 metres of 38x75mm horizontaly , 20 bags of postcrete ,2ft deep holes , 6" slipbolt , 2 450mm tee hinges and 2 boxes of paslode nails 90mm and 51mm .Also 10 fence panels and 11 post removed before starting £1,300 item/job Dundee 2012-03-20
replacing 3 leads valley+ scaffolding £1,600 item/job Lancaster 2010-10-04
replace floor panels in bedroom £2,300 item/job Cheshire 2010-01-09
to repair shelving £180 job Glasgo 2009-08-12
Routed fire doors, fitted intumescent fire/smoke strips, replaced hinges including fitting 3rd hinge. Re hung door, adjusted existing overhead door closer for smooth action closing. Job priced at 65.00 per door £65 item/job Bournemouth 2009-04-18

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