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These are varied plastering jobs where either the work was 'complex' or simply covered several rooms. Generally these prices are for all the materials and labour (unless stated) and can be for plastering walls, ceilings, dry-lining or wet plastering. Have a look through and find a plastering job similar to what you require to get an idea of what you could pay.

Building prices for plastering complex: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Needed Ceilings and Walls plastered various rooms, plasterer on friends recommendation did great job, clean promt curtious, now I recommend him. Barmy 07970093711. £790 item/job Ebbs vale Gwent. 2015-06-20
To rip off the wallpaper, re-plaster and re-paint the house. All the woodwork including 7 doors, banister, stair case, all the skirting boards. £5,000 house London 2015-04-08
1 room extention on back of house 3 walls are in block work and are 4m by 3m and 1 wall is in block work but has sliding doors so smaller area to cover.all walls have to be hardwall at 10mm depth then skimmed also skim ceiling which has already been boarded. £1,000 room Southampton 2015-02-06
Ceiling of Edwardian house, to repair a crack and skim, and to skim all walls. Room size 20sqm £1,400 room East Sussex 2015-01-29
We had: 2x double bedroom ceilings plaster-boarded & then skimmed 1x single bedroom ceiling skimmed only 1x large damaged kitchen wall repaired with mortar & cement, then plastered. £560 item/job Gloucestershire 2015-01-22
4 bed house whole bathroom and kitchen dry lined and skimmed, toilet ceiling, lounge and dining room celings overboarded (including bays in thermal board), loft conversion stairwell outside wall and all other outside walls in thermal plasterboard, end of loft conversion outside wall thermal board, patch conservatory wall, patch where coving removed lounge/dining room, one inside wall rendered after damp proof course injected to 1m, patching chimney breast. Skim the lot. 1797 materials, normal/insulated boards (gyproc thermaline super 50mm), bonding, finish, adhesive, screws, tape etc. 1550 for Labour. I stripped old plaster off walls myself apart from overboarding areas. £3,347 house West Midlands 2015-01-17
Wet lining & skimming ceiling and walls £5 m2 London 2014-08-16
Artex ceilings 10 m2 Walls 7 m2 Damp proofing 80 m2 Wall aid plastering 07955991479 £150 m2 Durham 2013-10-21
All ceilings drylined and skimmed, one room drylined and skimmed, most rooms patched and skimmed. 3 bed semi. £3,100 house West Midlands 2012-12-07
Plastering 2 living rooms plus ceilings. A small box space. Hallway plus high ceiling over the stairway and a small bedroom. The plasterer also agreed to using some expensive plaster in the hallway to cover the blown vinyl wallpaper. The whole area was measured at 165square metres. £1,400 house Manchester 2012-09-10
Skimmed the walls in 5 rooms plus a large hallway. One of the walls was back to brick in places and required more work than just skimming. Also removed and replaced a section of cornicing along one wall. Took about 1 week with 2 workmen. £1,650 house Surrey 2012-09-10
- Small room ceiling and wall skim. - Lounge/Dinner ceiling skim. - Plasterboard 'column' plastered - Door way reduction plastered and one side skimmed. £680 house Essex 2011-10-17
i had the 3 bedrooms skimed the hall,stairs and landing, front room walls and ceiling.all rooms coved and painted £1,560 house Bristol 2011-09-22
Skim walls and ceilings - semi, 3 bedrooms+living room+dining room+hallway+ landing+stairs. £1,625 house Warwickshire 2011-08-21
One radiator plaster bord and skimmed 12 buy 10 room £500 room Plymouth 2011-08-13
3 bedrooms,1 bathroom,landing, stair case, small hallway, living room, kitchen and dinning area they paid for all materials inc very clean and tidy job no mess removed all rubbish, nice polite young man called aaron £3,300 item/job Canterbury,kent 2011-05-26
20m2 removal of old ceiling, new ceiling skimmed walls skimmed and all decorated 1700 the work was quality and done to a very high standard there number is 07553254448 name John. £1,700 room Wood green 2011-05-15
Turned up on time, cleaned up on site everyday, no radio blaring out like other plasterer in our old house. Boarded 4 x ceilings in house, skimmed all walls, stairs, landing, hall throughout house. no messing about and you could skate on it when it was done! They gave me a guarantee for the work and after care advice. Highly recommended hard working plasterers/builders: Concept Build: Paul 07554 245 288 £4,000 house Wakefield 2011-05-14
3 bed house hall stairs landing living room dining room re-skim kitchen fully bonding bathroom ceilings and walls pva and skimmed plus bonding out and bit of dot n dab in kitchen and re-skim great job by jay's plastering on time and very efficient will recommend £2,500 house Leeds 2011-04-28
Plaster whole 2 bed house, 110 a day cash. £1,650 house Wiltshire 2011-04-10
3 bedroom house skimmed approximately 250m2 plus painting=2200 with material 07510730475 £2,200 house 2011 2011-03-07
we had are three bed house plastered to a very high standard , walls and ceilings. his name was tony lovelock very clean and his quote was very competitive i would recommend his team to anyone 07709955621 £2,000 house Portsmouth 2011-01-22
He gave good quote, arrived on time, did a fantastic job, very clean plasterer Gwent area I would recommended him Barny 07970093711 £175 item/job Tredegar 2011-01-05
Plastering on nights to a two sided plasterboard bulkhead approx 1000mm long 200mm drop from the soffit and 200mm return into the wall (plastering only, the bulkhead was built by others). I know that at tops it was 4 hours work and we agreed a price of 200 for labour only as i was buying the materials. The job was completed to a good standard, however the plasterer has now told me he wants min 250 per night for any other small night jobs. I have subsequently told him where to go, were in the middle of a recession and i know i can get the same job done for 150..(for clarification im the MD of an internal building company) £250 item/job London 2010-10-30
first floor of 3 bedroom house walls and ceilings pva and skimed approx 200sqm £2,000 house Hull 2010-09-26
Ceilings reskimmed in 4 rooms and hallways with mesh. Walls reskimmed in 2 rooms and several small fixes in plasterwork elsewhere. Final room was hacked back to brickwork, bonded, then skimmed. Also, ceiling hacked off, insultaed, replaced with plasterboard and then skimmed. Included covering a fireplace with plasterboard and making good picture rails. Labour only - roughly 20 days £3,000 house London 2010-09-24
Hallway ceiling drylined, skimmed. Old skirting board areas re-bonded. 4m sq of wall repaired and rebonded including archway. all walls skimmed. total area approx 20 sq m 2 days labour inc materials £430 item/job London 2010-09-15
Full House 3 bed semi, 3 beds one bathroom and extention to rear £2,600 house Manchester 2010-09-12
It was only a upstairs doorway. I had 2 brick it up up with heavy blocks & house bricks,then hard wall doth sides one side twice then skim both sides £40 m2 Bournemouth 2010-07-22
plaster patched lath and plaster 3m2 ceiling awesome job 0207582773 steve i think? £180 item/job County durham 2010-07-22
3 bed detached house. all the walls done and 5 ceilings. £2,700 house Southampton 2010-06-16
i go the number from here allaspects 07728734937 very good and clean 6 per meter £380 item/job Margate kent 2010-05-26
Had a 3 bed house totally plastered after being striped back to brick work or taking the wall paper was a largish 3 bed 1950s build with 2 large bedrooms 1 smaller,bathroom hall stairs landing,cloakroom ,living room kitchen diner and utility room done to a high finish job was carried out by stuart who i would recommend to anyone who would like quote etc 07531744706 £2,200 house Bristol 2010-05-11
Plastering to entire 8 bedroom house Including 1 Living room, hallway - passage, stairwell. From the ground floor up to 3 landing levels from stairwell into Attic bedroom. All walls & Ceilings where Atrex throughout entire house. 1 ceilings required overbaording, a stud wall partition was made in old doorway betweem 2 rooms. This job was alot of work. Took Me 9 weeks in total = 1 plasterer... Me doing all of the work. Blake Plastering, Cardiff, Wales. Client very happy with quality of work. So all good. :-) £5,919 house Cardiff 2010-05-04
1930's semi ex council house. Plaster hall stairs and landing walls, also includes plastering ceiling in hall, the ceiling slope upstairs and landing ceiling. This is for plastering over artex too. We removed radiator to allow plasterer to plaster behind it £650 item/job Wigan 2010-04-23
Plaster board a wall (8ft x 12ft) Skiimed the wall + 32 feet of Coving fitted, bulider supplied all materials. £450 house Birmingham 2010-03-15
Plastering room 16ft x 16 foot, all walls and ceiling. Old house with beams, so plaster worked between beams leaving woodwork exposed. Plus was plastering on to a heavily artexted wall £370 item/job Staffordshire 2010-02-25
120m2 £600 house Bolton 2010-01-08
3m x 4m en-suite. 1 window wall dot and dabed to provide surface and sill. Beading around window, other walls hardwalled then plastered ( 2 coat). Ceiling artexed skimmed over (3 coat). £325 item/job Cambridgeshire 2009-11-11
removed wood chip and paint off ceilings in living room and bedroom. living room with alcove. skimmed all walls and ceilings. A bit pricey but a good job done. £1,540 room London north 2009-11-10
Two artex covered ceilings skimmed - 1st ceiling 30ft x 15ft, 2nd ceiling 10ft x 6ft and also one wall 8ft x 6ft skimmed. Two guys took one day and charged 500 £500 item/job Cardiff 2009-10-05
I had a client whom posted a job on date 28/02/09. Anyway I posted a rough quote for this job. the client emailed me asking me to do the required internal plastering work. I did the job. The client very pleased with quality of the work. But get this...the client expected the fixed price/quote to plaster 4 walls, angle bead all window recesses, and corners to 2 walls and put coving up over entire area of 4 walls to the room...ALL THIS FOR 150.00. When I explained that he will be hard pushed to get all of the above work done for 150.00, he just said well thats the price I will pay. I completed the job, the client would / will not pay me monies owed for this job as LABOUR time went over the fixed price of 150.00. The client owes me monies totaling to 135.00 and he will not pay up. Oh well...I will have to put this down to EXP. And move on. £150 item/job Cardiff 2009-03-03
3 bedrooms, landing, stairs, livingroom plus ceiling, diningroom plus celing, hall downstairs, all the house excluding kitchen and bathroom £1,500 item/job North rast 2009-02-11
a kitchen & dining room made open plan. 1 cielling with an archway halfway through,and 4 walls,with the archway going through. i charged 220 just labour. £220 item/job West midlands. west bromwich 2009-02-04
2 up 2 down terraced house. Ceilings skimmed (plasterboards already up) and walls skimmed (in one room 3 walls needed dabbing) £2,800 house Blackburn, North west 2009-01-15
plastering a bungalow size 2200 sg ft inside and out. outside to be coined and strapped to be finish with marble chips £7,000 house N ireland 2009-01-14
bonded and skimmed walls and ceilings in 1 x reception room, 2 x double bedrooms and hall stairs and Landing. £2,200 item/job London 2008-09-12
Whole house re-skimmed 4 bed, 3 reception, 3 bathroom, kitchen, hall, stairs, landing, utility, £3,000 house Worcestershire 2008-09-04
board ceilings dryline walls/skim ,5 bed house 5 m each/700 m total £7,000 house Durham 2008-07-27
Room 3m x 2.8m. All walls skimmed and where lots of plaster come away removing skirting board to be built up and finished. Ceiling overboarded and skimmed. £400 item/job Birmingham 2008-07-23

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