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Building prices for plastering labour

This is either the hourly rate or the day rate for a plasterer. Whilst it doesn't cover all materials it may cover some basics and of course tools or the trade. As with any trade there are variations in cost around the country with London being the most expensive.

Building prices for plastering labour: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
plastered 1 front room 15ft/13ft /9ft 330.00. including materials completed to customers satisfaction and on time and clean £330 day Blackburn 2015-05-26
18 year old level 2 plasterer based in manchester, 75a day + materials 07454190476 £75 day Manchester 2014-10-01
145.00 day rate Please call 07814156836. Based in Leek, Staffordshire free quotes. £145 day Staffordshire, leek . 2013-01-17
I am currentley about to re-skim a small bedroom at a cost of 250 pounds including materials and labour costs. £250 day Manchester 2012-11-07
All aspects of plastering undertaken, 140 a day. Covering the South Wales area. Fully insured reliable and clean. Contact Danny at tel: 01639 683 255 Mob: 07734 387098 £140 day Wales 2012-04-21
56 per day after tax :( £7 hour Northern ireland 2011-08-24
I charge 150 a day and have been plastering for over 25 years. All my work is 1st class and guaranteed. Based in East London/ Essex. Eddie Wrynn Plastering 07956 359413 £150 day EAST lONDON/ESSEX 2011-05-31
Hi guys, its nice to see that some of us still stick to our guns and charge properly these days, i have been spreading for about eight years now and only have a labourer if its a rather large job. i learnt the trade through labouring for a spread and reluctant as he was to teach me, i kept my eyes on the job and watched every thing he did. now im an old school plasterer with a modern twist of my own. these 150-200 metre a day plonkers are now making a sham of an art form,and are now under pricing jobs as there finish is sub standard at best. Which has a knock on affect for the ones that do a sound job from start to finish. £28 hour Kent 2011-03-03
This is the day rate given by an excellent plasterer - he will be skimming ceilings and walls + renovating corners etc. Materials are charged extra at cost (Admin: 260 changed to be per hour) £35 hour Hemel Hempstead 2010-10-05
We got a professional plasterer to re-plastered walls and ceilings in 3 bedrooms. 180m2 in total, taking just over 7 hours. Absolutely superb job, not a single defect, worth the cost! (Admin: 360 changed to be per hour) £51 hour Sheffield 2010-06-22
price per day (Edit: Changed to per hour based on 8hrs was 200 per day) £25 hour South west 2009-05-13
based on 150 day rate and 37.5hrs per week £20 hour Midlands 2008-06-05
Based on a day rate of 140 £18 hour Leeds 2007-11-01
Hourly Rate £22 hour East Anglia 2007-09-30

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