Plastering wall drylined + skimmed

Building prices for plastering wall drylined + skimmed

The cost to completely re-surface all the walls or just a single wall of a room by dry lining it and skimming the surface smooth ready for painting onto. The price is for labour and materials (unless stated) and is either in m2 or the total cost of the job.

Building prices for plastering wall drylined + skimmed: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Five bed room house 2 bathroom kitchen all wall and ceiling need plastering and 2 boiler there one in the room 10 radiator £3,500 m2 Bradford 2015-03-26
In the conservatory the walls are cold and she wants me to batten walls and celotex then board and skim £417 item/job Gloustershire 2014-02-04
3 rooms at 18 square metres per wall and there is 3 and a half walls per room £2,500 m2 Prestatyn 2013-05-20
plastering to 2 faces of wall in the garage. one wall is about 5m long with a window, 1 wall is about 3m long and bit of wall over the garage door. has to install plaster board then skimmed £350 item/job Birmingham 2012-09-10
Im a plasterer in teeside and an average room plastered (skimmed) is around 250 and to have an average room drylined and skimmed is around 400 including all costs to completion average room is around 3mx4m in size £350 item/job Teeside /county durham 2012-05-27
1 x 7 by 7 wall £2,500 item/job Rsa 2011-08-20
Plasterboard and skim - 8Ft by 6Ft room £230 item/job South Wales 2011-06-02
17.50 per m2 based on an average size internal stud wall approx 5 meters long and 2.7m high to completion, inclusive of supply and fix. (edit changed to m2 was 230) £18 m2 Yorkshire 2011-03-04
Stud wall and ceiling boarded and skimmed. Make good and skim four kitchen walls. £450 item/job St Helens 2010-12-08
Bathroom walls were replastered halfway up and a shower in the corner was completely replastered from floor to ceiling £575 item/job London 2010-11-19
downstairs toilet walls taken back to brickwork, old ceiling ripped down and replaced, dot and dab 3 walls 2 coat skimmed all of it and fitted new skirting boards £300 item/job Birmingham 2010-07-11
I got the entire house re-plastered, Over boarded the ceilings, repaired or replaced plaster & final skim applied. 10 rooms. £3,500 item/job West Midlands 2010-01-16
Overboard ceiling, 2m x 3m - skim out whole room including ceiling & window reveals. £80 item/job Blackpool 2009-11-22
bedroom 3m x 2.5m all walls hacked off back to brick drylined + whole room skimmed £400 item/job Nottingham 2009-10-14
20m materials included £20 m2 Durham 2009-08-21
build stud wall and board two walls ,board out doorway and stairwell fit beads and skim all, as well as two other walls 3 x 2.5m skimmed £250 item/job Leicester 2009-01-06
1 wall 5m by 2.5m high £250 item/job NW 2008-06-18
Four walls of bathroom dry lines and plastered and ceiling skimmed too (2.5m x 2m) £300 item/job Liverpool 2008-06-04
board and plaster loft £600 item/job Bradford 2008-04-13
4 flats £8 m2 Kent 2008-02-22
Dot and dabbed plasterboard with a skimmed finish £15 m2 Manchester 2007-11-06

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