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Pointing is the outer layer of mortar that is used when laying a brick wall. To repoint a wall means to remove the old existing mortar to a certain depth and then replace it with new mortar. The old mortar is raked out using a trowel or similar device and then replaced with new mortar.

Building prices for repointing : Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Had to pay 2300 for raking out and repointing 39 meter square, and 1200 for scaffolding front and side of 4 bed house In total 3500 job done all included £60 m2 Cambridge 2015-08-10
Stone wall lime mortar repointing 47m2 Cost 3400 plus 320 for sand and Lime £3,720 m2 Devon 2015-06-19
Expert in brickwork restoration, pointing, helifix contact £60 m2 Essex & london 2015-03-17
Imperial Restoration-brickwork specialist Failed brickwork, gauged brickwork, pointing, lime mortars/ lime washing, Helfix/helibar installer. London & Essex 01708438163 £80 m2 London 2015-03-16
had my house repointed 220 mts squared app 75 brick replaced 4200 very pleased with job as had people on it before I had to chase would recommend £4,200 m Belfast 2015-03-11
Rake out to 22mm gamble end and repoint 60m2 Rake out front of house to 22mm and repoint 25 m2. ALL POINTING matched original colour as requested Sand & lime mix AJT BUILDERS Tel: 07867 891212 £3,000 m2 Dorset 2015-02-10
Central London:Chemical clean,Cut out repoint,under 30sqm 100..under 40sqm 85..under 50sqm..80 up to 75sqm..75..under 125sqm 60..over 125sqm 55...Yellow brick Cleaning Co 07881366585 £100 item/job London 2015-02-10
Repoint Gable end on 3 bed semi in sand cement mix/bucket handle finish.Used own scaffolding tower.Approx 5 days work 1000/approx. 38m2 £1,000 item/job Newcastle upon tyne 2014-11-18
Repointing specialist derby call 07983671381 £100 m Derby 2014-10-23
Repointed full house,typical three bedroom semi.Grind out old mortar to 12mm,replace broken bricks (4) and repoint whole house including chimney. Water proof brickwork with waterproofing spray. Power hose and clean surrounding ground. £2,000 item/job Blaydon,tyne and wear 2014-09-01
rake out mortar,brick cleaning,weather struck pointing £90 m2 London NW 2014-07-20
Rack out and repoint 90% of a top floor side face of a 2 storey terrace house £640 item/job Solihull 2014-07-06
Cut out and re-point using traditional lime mortar. Pointing to match existing color and methods £70 m2 UK 2014-04-27
gable end,grind out,&repoint in sand &cement,handboard,approx 80sq.yd.scaffold incl.3600,3wks work min. £3,600 item/job Lancs 2014-03-06
Weather pointin £70 m2 Portsmouth 2014-02-23
Grind out 10mm depth using a 4.1 ratio to mix and repoint job with. 140 square meters 3500 £3,500 m2 Seaham 2014-01-22
78 metres ,rake out and repoint ,buket handle finish,replace approx 20 damaged bricks,3200 scaffold provided by householder £3,200 m London 2014-01-15
15.00 plus any scaffold required. £600 m2 Thornton Cleverleys 2013-07-14
Bungalow Repointing - grind out and repoint £695 item/job Sunderland 2013-04-06
Brick Repointing £75 m2 London 2013-03-02
Point in existing laid patio ( 50 sq metres )with empty joints, sweep off / out leaves debris. Point in with 5 sharp sand, and 1 opc. bucket handle joints, brush lightly. Quoted 725.00 Abruge Property Services £725 item/job Weymouth 2013-02-21
terrece house re-pointed with lime mortar to allow the building to breathe.24m2 scaffold included in price.WF Pointing.07413 838873 £750 item/job Sheffield 2013-02-08
cut out and repoint wall £48 m2 Scotland 2013-01-08
2 builders Scaffolding Repointing of brickwork using cement Replace damaged bricks Reseal two bathroom windows Install the flashing around pipit wall £3,200 item/job London 2012-11-19
to re-point a chimney useing a 6mm dimond rakeing blade. with black mortar off cat ladders no scaffolding depending on hight. and new capping on top of chimney. contact mike 07894353313. from berridge roofing £500 m2 Cardiff 2012-11-03
Cut out 170m2,remved debris and cleaned brickwork.Repointed with sand,cement and lime mix to a flush finish.Acid cleaned to leave an excellent finsh.Scaffold was extra and not included in price.For more info contact 07413 838873 or visit £14 m2 Leeds 2012-10-14
Repoint front of victrian terraced house,including rake out and scaffolding £800 item/job South Tyneside 2012-10-10
had back of 2 story teraced repointed.raked out,exc fin,clean,also waterproofed it for extra 80,would recomend,jjrepairs,on gumtree, £450 item/job Liverpool 2012-09-18
75m2 £3,000 item/job London 2012-05-13
around 120m2 re-pointing 07535510777 £4,000 item/job Pinner 2012-05-08
rake out acid clean plus weater seal 29 m2 scaffolding not inc £900 item/job Goole 2012-04-09
chop off old render cut out damaged bricks and replace re-point £45 m2 Lincolnshire 2012-04-03
3 bedroom semi front,back and gable end repointed £900 item/job Stockport 2012-03-27
repointing leeds pointing 20 per square meter, 50sqm cut rake out old mortar joints ,power wash to remove dust and debris from joints ,repoint bucket handle finish leeds pointing offer free surveys and quotes ,please note scaffold would be extra.if required tel leeds 01138080784 £1,000 m2 Leeds 2012-01-20
Re pointing flags on a patio £600 m2 Uk 2011-12-02
grinded out using 6mm diamond blade, then re-pointed using pointing guns to ensure they are properly filled. 60 squared meters. total price including materials 800 07835394648 £800 item/job Scarborough 2011-10-05
Turn of century town house, Rake out cement, re-point with specifically matched lime mortar, extensive mortar repairs to weathered stone faces. Remove cement flaunches on sills and replace with lime. All traditional methods, including materials but not including scaffold. £80 m2 East Sussex 2011-06-16
6 sq Meters raked out my self next door neighbough x brickie 50 to repoint. £50 m2 Cheshire 2011-03-22
Repoint approx 22 m2 of bungalow front and side. No scaffolding required. Rake out and repoint to weatherstruck finish. £407 item/job Kent 2011-02-25
to grind out and repoint using 6mm diamond discs. concave effect pointing to a full house inc large back extension scaffold supplied and sand n cement took 1 man 3weeks . very good standard £2,000 item/job Sheffield 2011-02-20
100 m2 of poing ground out and repointed bucket handle finish scaffold tower used included in price. £2,000 item/job Leeds 2011-02-19
62m2 of patio powerwashed, old cement pointing removed and replaced. £18 m2 Barry vale of glamorgan 2011-02-16
Small area of repointing at base of wall, approx 4 sqm - remove existing mortar with angle grinder & rake out - repoint with 'weatherstruck' finish - two men, half a day £200 item/job Berkshire 2010-11-20
remove rotten mortar from 4 valleys (each side of valley) on bungalow no scaffold . total linear m = 2x3m 2x4m =14m .repoint materials used 5 bags sand 2 large cement £255 item/job Wolverhampton 2010-10-16
approx 10 sq metres brickwork raked out with angle grinder and re pointed ,weather struck finish,scaffolding seperate to job, not in cost £200 item/job Blackpool ,Lancs 2010-10-14
garston liverpool 19 £700 item/job Liverpool 2010-09-22
Repointing a three-storey,three/four bedroom victorian.(Scaffold not included) £30 m2 Devon 2010-08-12
Repair old settlement crack using stainless rods/plates rake out complete wall, approx 22.5 sq mtr and repoint £1,170 item/job Peterborough 2010-08-06
Rake out and repoint Gable end of 3 bed semi 18/M2 Labour only £850 item/job Derbyshire 2010-08-05
Rake out using vac. dust controlled angle grinder. Repoint 100m of brickwork to bungalow. £2,500 item/job Barnsley 2010-07-12

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