Roof diy repair

Building prices for roof diy repair

Some sample submitted prices for how much it costs to try and fix your own roof. To fix your own roof you not only need the correct materials but also the right equipment - for example roof ladders or scaffolding - depending on the complexity of the job.

Building prices for roof diy repair: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Replace the felt on the shed roof £120 item/job Wa11 2014-06-11
Remove all old felt-roof and associated gunge, lay 1 piece EPDM membrane 21m square on garage roof. Fit all new trim around garage etc. Too k 2 of us a morning to do. Cost 420 Cheapest quote from firm to do same job, 3850.00. Not hard to see why we did it ourselves...... £420 item/job Canvey Island 2010-03-04
stripping back of tiles on one side of roof of small 2 bedroom house. Re felting, new guttering and facia board. Replaced 2 tiles with new other tiles then replaced. £1,300 item/job Caerphilly 2009-12-29
one valley £90 item/job London 2009-02-12
i do all my own work - i've just fixed my flat roof, just painted on the acrylic roof paint.
Looks good and is now waterproof with no leaks. I got it off ebay for 85 - ebay is great to buy allsorts of diy products - also bought roof tile paint and have painted my roof and looks great.
Got a quote for it off a company and it was 5000 - did it myselft for a few hundred quid! again good old ebay 85 for 20 litres of paint.
£85 item/job Merseyside 2008-07-25

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