Roof fascia boards

Building prices for roof fascia boards

Fascia boards are vertical wooden or plastic panels that are positioned underneath the guttering round the top of the roof of a house. Soffits are the horizontal boards that go underneath the fascia's and barge boards are fitted to the gable ends of the house.

Building prices for roof fascia boards: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Fascia Boards from 2 per metre all colours available £150 m Uk 2014-11-13
cover 3 sides of single garage with upvc fascia boards and replace guttering £670 item/job Hampshire 2014-06-21
80 psm full replacement with an insurance backed Guarantee, JNF roofing in Cheshire 0800 1910490 would recommend. £80 m Cheshire 2013-03-11
Fascias, sofits and gutters. £60 m Bolton, Manchester. 2012-09-12
3 bedroom semi replace facia boards and sofits front back and side. Remove present guttering, clean and replace. £490 item/job Sunderland 2012-07-04
Dry ridge system for two gable ends of a house. Remove broken pointing at gable ends. Remove tiles, told that asbestos was found wthin roof (about two foot) and disposed of, roof refelted, rotten roof batterns replaced. Tiles resat. £1,720 item/job Scotland 2011-08-10
Fascias, soffits, guttering and down pipes in upvc £650 item/job Blackpool 2011-07-19
replace facia soffit guttering and down pipes on 3 bedroom semi with a hip roof £1,675 item/job Ilkeston derbyshire 2011-03-05
overclad fascia , soffit and new gutters upvc £18 m Swindon 2010-11-01
Chaning fascia,sofits guttering and gutter down pipe £1,175 item/job Se london 2010-10-29
old timbers removed from roofline and replaced with upvc fascia soffit and gutters,down pipes £1,100 item/job Glasgow 2010-10-26
55 meters of fascias and soffit around a bungalow £555 item/job Swansea 2010-10-03
55 per metre fascias,soffits , gutters and down pipes including damp/rot removal and treatment £1,430 item/job Shrewsbury 2010-09-28
Replace fascia boards to two end gables in BLACK uPVC. White was quoted at approx 300 cheaper. To include repointing ridge tiles. £1,450 item/job KENT 2010-07-27
Repainting of fascias to front of house (less than 10m) £180 item/job Essex 2010-07-21
Two storey front UPVC fascia boards approx area 20m2, plus UPVC roof soffets and new guttering to entire house (3 bed detactched) inc. down pipes plus new UPVC soffets and guttering to fours sides of single garage. All work inc. materials and labour 2 men 3 days. £2,000 item/job Suffolk 2010-05-18
fascia, guttering, soffit est £30 m Southampton 2008-06-02
roof cut fascia soffit and guttering £800 item/job Belfast 2007-11-14
New Fascia boards £40 m UK 2006-03-08
Fascia length £50 m   2005-03-12
Fascia length £40 m   2005-03-11

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