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Just had a conservatory built, with a flat grp fibreglass roof , a very professional job by a highly competent builder. From the foundations to the finishing plaster, very polite and importantly very reliable and actually did more than he had quoted for for no extra charge. Would highly recommend and will certainly be using him again in the future. Ian from Pro-Build Construction 07922 330 628 , regards Steven Richards ( a very pleased customer) £100 item/job Southport 2015-05-23
Old felt roof leaking. Laid new 2 layer high tensile felt roof with 100mm thick insulation board over old felt finish. Approximate area 15 square metres. £1,100 item/job Liverpool 2015-05-15
Garage roof £1,200 item/job West Midlands 2015-02-22
Strip and reboard flat roof garage 20 m2 and refelt with 2mm APP Torch on layer followed by icopal SBS mineral cap sheet. 20 year guarantee £800 item/job Manchester 2015-01-02
Remove old felt & boards & redeck with 18mm osb3. Apply grp membrane finished in grey. 20yrs guarantee. Total area 20sqm job completed in 2 days. £75 m2 Leeds 15 2014-10-06
Flat Roof Professional Job Per m2 50 Supply and fix 3 layer Tecnatorch. 12m2 £600 m2 Brighton 2014-07-22
Replacing of front bay roof to fiberglass, lead flashing, repointing and changing of gutter in the bay. £2,500 item/job Portsmouth 2014-07-15
Re roof of single garage approximately 15 square metres. Undertaken by Charles Francis Building Services. There number is 07814004238. Hope you are as happy as me. £1,850 item/job Nottingham 2014-07-07
Grp flat roof, remove all boards and fitted new fiberglass roof, unbelievably good job, polite tradesman, very tidy and reliable, ian miles 07922330628, i would recomend in an instant, very happy £1,800 item/job Southport 2014-07-05
3m x 2.8m flat roof strip off old felt and replace with Proton. £750 item/job West Midlands 2014-04-23
grp flat roof replacement for extension. very professional company operating in kent. check out their website would highly recommend superb job thanks 8m by 6m £70 m2 Canterbury kent 2014-04-08
20 metres (5m x 4m). Renew flat roof. Remove existing roof coverings back to decking. Inspect decking to check if new coverings can be installed. Install lead flashings into gutter at lengths of 1metre with 100mm overlaps, install lead sealant on overlaps. FLAT AREA: Lay bitumen sheathing felt loosely onto decking, with felt overlapping by 75mm. Lay in two coats 20mm of asphalt with a rubbing sand finish. UPSTANDS: Float in two coats 10mm of asphalt up onto primed brickwork and into chase made into property wall. 40mm angled fillet of asphalt to be made between the upstand and flat area. 10 year guarantee with photos supplied of each stages of work. £1,400 m2 Reigate, Surrey 2014-03-14
We had a New GRP roof fitted above our kitchen. Very polite gentleman gave us a quotation. They removed the old roof and boarding (20m2). Redecked using OSB3 T+G boards, all screw fixed using very chunky and long exterior grade screws. This was done on the first day. The next day the fibreglass system was installed. Top quality job and very polite and tidy. Also topped up our insulation free of charge, hows that for service. The company were GLASS FIBRE SPECIALISTS from Newport, South Wales. They gave us a full 20 year guarentee with insurance backing it up. Had been recomended to us by friend in work. We would recomend to anyone. £1,800 item/job Chepstow 2014-02-01
I had a 55sq meter flat roof totally stripped off, with osb3 tongue and grooved boards and a grp covering. job looks exceptional!!! £4,000 m2 Essex 2013-08-31
900 for 35m2 flat roof to garage to rear of garden. 3 layer torch + felt roof inc removal of existing felt. £900 item/job London (NW/ Harrow) 2013-07-29
Garage flat roof done in grp . £1,800 item/job Huddersfield 2013-05-15
20m sq flat roof,elastomeric 3 layer felt £970 item/job Surrey 2013-05-10
Replace leaking garage roof Remove existing felt and chipboard and dispose of same Replace with new chipboard and Firestone EPDM membrane Replace 1 x 6m soffit and fit new gutter and down pipe £2,050 item/job Norwich 2013-04-25
renew flat roof £5,000 m2 Scotland 2013-04-24
12ft x12ft flat roof with new ply,2 torch on underlay and 1 torch on green mineral cap sheet.New guttering and cap over UPC fascias.1100. Looks superb and done by Wefix roofing and guttering.Their number is 07826863512.Their feed back is on rated £1,100 item/job Essex 2013-04-13
Strip off old roof covering, and all boards. Install insulation new 22mm OSB3 boards and 3 layer torch on felt system. Total 16m2. Guys did an excellent job, but only took 1 day to complete so felt it was a bit pricey. £75 m2 Central Scotland 2013-02-07
Replacing flat roof above kitchen and part of garage. approx. 40 m2 £2,200 item/job N. London 2012-11-07
Stripped and felted garage roof.One days work Three men 865.00 GBP Accredited Roofing Warwickshire £865 item/job Kenilworth 2012-11-01
Glass fibre roof GRP, remove all existing roof including boards, refit new boards and install GRP roofing system with 20 year warranty. £80 m2 Manchester 2012-10-30
Glass fibre roof GRP, remove all existing roof including boards, refit new boards and install GRP roofing system with 20 year warranty. Reload solutions 0845 2249941 £80 m2 Manchester 2012-10-30
21 Sqm Grp glass fibre roofing system, Installed in 2 days. Price included remove my existing flat roof, fit new boards preformed edge trims and lay glass fibre resin. 20 year guarantee. Manchester based company, 07973 955117 £1,800 m2 Manchester 2012-10-07
Firestone EPDM (rubber roofing) £60 m2 Bolton, Manchester. 2012-09-12
20 m2 old felt roof replaced with new timber and fibreglass roof system. Really happy with the job, used local company in north devon. £80 m2 Devon 2012-09-10
rubber roof 12 q metter £67 m2 Cumbria 2012-08-06
flat roof about 3m x 2.5m leaking. Took all the existing wooden board and felt of. Put new and refelt. DAN THE MAN LEEK £500 item/job Stoke-on-trent 2012-07-26
Reroof an old extension with PVC membrane 20yr guarantee 2 days, good quality £900 item/job Stockport 2012-05-14
18 m2 flaty garage roof replace boards 2 layer felt system 10 year guarantee £980 item/job York 2012-05-12
Dormer flat roof to replace area 9x7 square mts £2,000 item/job Bristol 2012-05-10
Extensions, flat roof and porch, remove old felt and boards, fit new osb3 boards and install glass fiber roofing system in any colour you want. price includes removing all waste. Reload Solutions 0845 2249941 £95 m2 Manchester 2012-04-08
re board full flat roof with three quarter ply wood and re felt £2,530 item/job Ne9 6eg 2012-04-04
Hi All, I recently had to have a flat felted roof replaced after only two years due to not using the right contractor. Originally I used a company who replaced all the felt and some of the timber on my kitchen flat roof. I hoped it would see me out or at least last 10 or so years, but not the case at all. After just 2 years there were large ripples and soft areas where rain had entered through onto my ceiling. I am not sure why this happened but when I contacted the firm who done the work they said it was down to wear and tear. After trying to get them to return and make it good without any success, I called another local company, Howard Roofing, who were recommended by some friends. They have now totally renewed the roof in a very professional manner and left me with a good looking satisfactory roof. The area is approx. 20 sq mtrs and at a cost of 700.00 I find this really good value. I also now have a 10 year guarantee and a watertight roof. I can highly recommend Howard Roofing and wish I had chosen them first. Their number is 01255 551463 £700 item/job Harwich Essex 2012-03-15
3 layer torch on felt price per m2 £250 m2 London 2012-01-03
18square metres flat roof. remove old felt and replace with Proton membrane £2,000 item/job Southend 2011-11-28
8mx4m single story flat roof. Remove all old felt and roof boards. Re-board with tanalised chipboard, re-felt with 2 layers heavy grade torch-on felt. Replace flashing with artificial lead flash. PVC facia boards on two sides over existing sound wooden facias. Skip for waist supplied by customer. £950 item/job York 2011-10-28
Flat fibreglass roof with about 40-50 years life span against 10-15 years traditional felt roof. Lortex company -"Turned up on time, did the job for the agreed fee and worked very tidily - if all tradesmen worked to the same standards life would be much simpler. thanks for your efforts..." Alex 077798 77793 03.05.2010 £80 m2 London 2011-09-25
to lay 40 sq meters of 2" insulation t&g 18" and epdm over old flat roof £2,200 item/job Portsmouth 2011-09-20
2 flat dorma roofs refelted, including all the old felt removed from the roof and from site. The approx size of each of our dormas is 10m2 so in total 20m2. Seemed pretty fair to us. £900 item/job Leeds 2011-08-03
Hi, we have had our flat roof done in grp (fibreglass)this year.I had it done 4 years ago in felt and was a waste of money as leaked from new !!!. We got a company called DTS property developments after a recommendation from a friend. to be honest they were slightly more than another company but they did a thicker roof which we can safely walk on now ( beware there is a massive difference in thickness of materials!) the salesman turned up when he said and was very polite and explained what grp was and how a roof would be fitted. dts came back and did a excellent job and got paid, tidied up and left. We thought we would never see them again but Carl the boss came back round a month later to check we were still happy with the work. Where is do you get customer service like that ! I think they cover the north of England but not sure I do know the number is 08000 786278 carol and fred johnston, carlisle £70 m2 Carlisle 2011-07-27
Full refit to flat roof 12sq M . Price included stripping and disposal of felt, replaced roofing board with OSB3, had choice of colour for the finish. the job looked excellent when finished. With a 15 guarantee the headache of a leaking roof is finally behind us And the company was very professional and organised. MDS Mouldings 07768795613 £990 item/job Manchester 2011-06-16
Flat roof repair. on an extension. hot asphalt applied. £250 item/job Manchester 2011-01-27
Flat roof repair. 3 small patches. hot asphalt applied. took about 1 hour. £45 item/job Manchester 2011-01-27
Replace 3 ply felt on 2 dormer flat roofs each 8x2 metres. No change in decking. The cost works out at 63 per square metre. £2,020 item/job Essex 2011-01-18
replace 4mx3m dormer flat roof with single piece of rubber, new boards/insulation and add 2" to 0" pitch £475 item/job Kent 2010-12-03
flat roof 4*6m new boards furring strips 3 layers of HT felt stuck with hot bitumen remove all rubbish 1300 £1,300 item/job Staffordshire 2010-10-23
Quote for a flat roof replacement with fibreglass GRP system. For a large flat roof extension plus another small section approximately 40 sq metres £2,800 item/job North Lincs 2010-10-17

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