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Building prices for roof repair

Having a leaky roof can be massively costly if the roof isn't renovated soon. If water starts to rot the superstructure of the building you can be looking at an enormous bill for repairs, so pay attention to your roofs condition and consult a professional if you have doubts about its goodness.

Building prices for roof repair: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Remove and replace 2 rows of tiles. Install elining into gutter as roof felt has rotted. On Bungalow and garage. £550 item/job East Yorkshire 2015-07-24
Repair flashing on chimney re-point top of chimney to Secure your pot re-point and ridge tile Comes with 5 years guarantee. Stay dry roofing nottingham based. Took around 45 mins £200 item/job Sheffield 2015-03-10
Remove, clean and replace / Rebed 30 Ridge Tiles £600 item/job Northern East 2014-11-23
We had our roof de-mossed with a wire brush (not jet washed) and had about 20 bad tiles replaced in the process. £250 item/job Chesterfield 2014-10-29
Retrieve & replace one apex end tile £120 item/job Essex 2014-10-28
Old Chimney was letting water in through flashing. Removed chimney down to loft floor level. Erected scaffolding (high building). Replaced area with felt and new roof tiles. Removed all rubbish via a skip. £800 item/job Plymouth 2014-07-09
Repair a rip in the lead valley of my roof and clean out the downpipe of the gutter. £125 item/job Lancs 2014-06-12
To lift up all ridge tiles, remove old mortar and replace with new mortar and re-bed. Semi property. £300 item/job Leeds 2014-05-27
I have been quoted 6000.00 plus VAT on the roof for the following works: -one slipped slate to front side. -Loose render to front of south firewall and on top of the firewall by the ridge tile. -Loose render to rear south firewall. -Soft rotten timbers under gutter te area between the parapet wall and oitched roof. -Couple of cracks to parapet wall. I wonder if you could give me a second opinion? £6,000 item/job Brighton 2014-05-22
2 x cowls fitted, 2 x new ridge tile, new pointing around roof, repair and pointing of current ridge tiles, pointing on apex of roof £350 item/job Lancashire 2014-03-21
Mid terrace ex council property. Tiled roof Several small rips in felt now letting water in £450 item/job Telford 2014-02-21
Replaced 6 plain tiles £220 item/job Bournemouth 2013-10-08
The house I am buying has heavy concreat tiles and the survey says that the roof will need strengthening becouse of this. Could you tell me what this would involve and how much it would cost. It is a 3 bed 1930 built terraced house £250 item/job Bromley Kent 2013-07-09
Remove ridge tiles on l shaped 4 bedroomed roof, rebed with new fixings, replace a few tiles, rebed end ridge tiles, fixing cowling on flue, 4 - 5 hours £340 item/job Burton 2013-06-07
Remove ridge tiles on l shaped 4 bedroomed roof, rebed with new fixings, replace a few tiles, rebed end ridge tiles, fixing cowling on flue, 4 - 5 hours £340 item/job Burton 2013-06-07
Roof restorations,prestressed cleaning,watwrproof coating £2,700 item/job Staffordshire 2013-03-27
Render chimney £1,800 item/job South 2013-02-06
water leaking around chimney causing water damage to bedroom walls. Filled cracks, Replaced tiles, soakers and lead flashings £680 item/job Surrey 2013-01-26
Repair one 20x10 welsh slate £30 item/job Cumbria 2013-01-20
Replace and remortar 3 ridge tiles. Quoted price includes VAT. £240 item/job London E12 2012-12-29
Remove slates, Lathe felt upper guttering and lower guttering down pipes, Re-felt new lathe and re slate 3 courses 13mts long, refit top gutter with two running outlets reconfigure lower gutter into drain not soak away as was previously labor + materials £451 item/job Rugby 2012-12-20
2x13metres of roof tiles taken off, batterns removed, felt removed and refelted,battened concrete tiles(All new).I get rid of all the old waste and share with the labouring. £962 item/job Leeds 2012-12-02
1 broken roof tile £80 item/job Maidstone, Kent 2012-10-02
Capping of two chimney breasts, some repointing around chimney and cleaning of guttering. £280 item/job Manchester 2012-10-02
Replace 2 roof tiles and clean 8 meters of guttering £60 item/job York 2012-09-26
To rebed 34 ridge tiles on a grade 2 listed house in Beverley,HU17,I found a builder in the area who was nearly half the price of some at 300 all in -and his work was second to non- call him Des 07903 035091. £300 item/job Beverley, east yorkshire 2012-09-25
Roof leaking around chimney stack into room below. Repoint chimney. Extend flashing further up under tiles. repair guttering.Seal edge of roof/ wall with cement. £1,260 item/job London 2012-02-09
20 slates broke to be replaced and lead flashing to be re done. £500 item/job Leeds 2012-02-07
20 square meter roof repair leaking £400 m2 Kent 2011-12-19
Refix roof tile and ridge tile on 3 storey building including scaffolding tower £795 item/job Farnborough 2011-10-03
strip and replace lead valleys to sides of dormer roof 7m all together replace 80 rosemary tiles up valleys and replace 20 rosemary tiles to rear of property 1 man 2 days work roofer supplied all materials and cleared all rubbish away. £750 item/job Stirlingshire 2011-09-26
Patch up/replace dodgy tiles on old cottage and repair chimney. Did best they could no scaffolding and no leaks. £500 item/job Bedfordshire 2011-08-24
remove and replace 2 broken roof tiles and repair 1m of guttering £60 item/job GLENROTHES 2011-05-28
4 bedroom house roof with double garage sized flat roof and a small flat roof. sprayed cleaned and loose tiles to be fixed and cemented. gutters to be all cleared. flat roofs to be cleaned of moss and old stone chips removed and taken away and new bitumen to be applied to both roofs with new limestone stones on top. £2,000 item/job Surrey 2011-04-08
Repair split in lead flashing of roof valley with fibreglass patch. Re-point area with cement. Repair didn't work. (Quote for replacement of lead was 2000! so decided on a patch instead) £560 item/job Lanarkshire 2011-04-04
Dig out and remortar 2 x Victorian chimneys, cap with steel mesh. Fix existing guttering and replace/refit 12 loose slates. £550 item/job Milton Keynes 2011-03-07
1920's roof, replaced several slipped slate tiles. Tiles came away from ridge and main roof. Was an emergency job on a very windy day. Took 2 hours including getting hold of the tiles. 2 guys, polite and proffesional £100 item/job Birmingham 2011-03-01
ARG Roofing Donacster 07886 197631 Repair to flossing around gelid window 200 £200 item/job Bessicarr doncaster 2011-02-09
ARG Roofing Doncaster 07886 197631 Repair to chimney flashing and re-point also replace 8 broken tiles 280 £280 item/job Edlington doncaster 2011-02-08
Take off verge tiles to main roof,remove old mortar,clean pan tiles,take out perished lath-replace with new,rebed and repoint.Take off rebed and repoint 3 ridge tiles.Take off eve pan tiles,remove perished lath and felt,replace tiles.Take away rubble.10 year guarantee. £1,350 item/job Toton,Nottingham. 2011-02-06
roofer in wilmslow, cheshire. travel to surrounding areas. 07896033905 £50 item/job Cheshire 2011-01-24
Flat roof renewal by podesta roofing, great job. 20 sq metres 750 value for money, had Los of higher prices £750 item/job Brighton 2010-12-19
Repoint chimney on 50 year old semi, replace cement with lead (supplied by roofer) along 3 sides where chimney meets the roof. Re-concrete 3 ridge tiles that had come loose, and replace 3 roof tiles (supplied by roofer) that were cracked. £550 item/job Ipswich, Suffolk 2010-12-18
Refix approx 10 loose tiles & reset/repoint approx 2m of ridge £180 item/job Leeds 2010-12-16
Replace several Welsh slates with the same, replace missing/damaged lead flashing around dormer & chimney, removed rotted cast iron guttering and replace with plastic to match adjacent. Small but tall terraced house. 4 person/hours work. Roof ladders, no scaffold. £550 item/job Stroud, Glos 2010-11-19
replace 1 edge tile and cement 1 complete edge. remortar three tiles on another edge refit two tiles two men couple of hours £150 item/job South shields 2010-11-15
Replace 6 broken slates £350 item/job Kent 2010-11-14
Replacement of two 10ft lead valleys and similar lengths of clay roof ridge tiles with fibre glass valleys and new clay tiles. Also replaced a handful of broken standard tiles. One day's work for two roofers. £1,100 item/job Lightwater, Surrey 2010-11-09
erect scaffold to front of three storey house. lead flashings to each side at front. cap chimney £1,350 item/job Lee london 2010-10-28
We had our roof coated with a company call London roof coatings they supplied and sprayed our asbestos roof for 12.50 per sq meter and i must say they made a great job. We wear worried about the asbestos as we work in this unit on first floor,it seemed to be very hot in summer but this coating stabilizes the roof void really good idea. £13 m2 London 2010-10-22

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