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The basics of floor tiling are pretty simple, just read around on the internet or pick up a good book or leaflet from a diy or tile shop and you'll get the idea. The difficult bit is in the finish, making it look perfect or at least so good you wont notice the imperfections that you'll see day after day as you walk across it bemoaning the fact that you didn't get someone to do it for you. Or is that just me?

Building prices for tiling floor: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
about 70 msq of marble on floor with electric under floor heating £3,000 item/job Stanmore london 2015-01-14
3 square m floor tiling. With adhesive and grout.150 £150 item/job Fife 2014-10-20
laying 80 m2 floor tiles on flexible adhesive £22 m2 Lincolnshire 2014-09-25
tiling floor 14.82m2 total in Acton 07855236342 £444 m2 Acton 2014-06-01
take off existing tile, strengthen timberwork, relay tiles and grout. Lounge £1,100 m2 Central london 2013-01-19
Tile floor remove old tiles, 30m2. Labour only £600 m2 Belfast 2012-12-12
Labour for tiling floor of small shower room that included a bidet, wc and wash hand basin. Did not include cost of purchase of tiles. £450 item/job Central London 2012-06-04
10m2 Ditra matting and tiling £1,000 item/job Berkshire 2011-12-20
10 m2 tiling £200 item/job Liverpool 2011-09-04
37sqm Polished marble tiles in hallway (wooden floor) and kitchen (concrete) - job included laying plywood and adhesive+grout, sealing £1,000 item/job Bedfordshire 2011-01-14
Removed old tiles & retiled Kitchen & tiled bathroom floor 4 & 3 Sqm excellent,clean job -3 days work, I supplied tiles only. Reccommend him - Peter 0784047802 £450 item/job LIVERPOOL 2010-12-29
Tiling Walls & Floors, Included Adhesive & Grout £24 m2 Berkshire 2010-11-28
Tiled approx 2 sq m floor with toilet/sink and bath panel removal and refit and resealing sink and bath. Took 2 half days. £300 item/job Manchester 2010-07-18
Tiling a kitchen floor £25 m2 UK 2010-07-13
to lay 300x300x20 tiles to prepared wooden ply flooring 26square metres in dartmouth devon to include adhesive and grout £1,210 item/job Dartmouth devon 2010-05-13
Level concrete floor, lay 3 underfloor heating mats. Lay 56m2 porcelain tiles. Labour only £1,500 item/job London 2010-03-11
in kitchen and toilette 30m square07510730475 £750 item/job Bath-wiltshire 2010-02-24
10m2 £800 item/job Oxford 2010-02-11
10 SQM total each tile 300mm x 400mm ceramic tiles. Price included all adhesive onto bitumin floor, cutting and silicone edgeing to high standard including grout and all labour £300 m2 Bolton 2010-02-08
Kitchen floor approx 17m2. Price included ply under tiling for extra give and to reduce uneveness, grout, adhesive, plinth and skirting planing. Tiles not included. £640 item/job Stevenage 2010-01-29
tile conservatory floor 9.5 m2 tile hall 3.0 m2 tile W.C. 2.0 m2 All materials supplied. £375 m2 Kidderminster 2009-11-13
ceramic 300x300 £45 m2 London/surrey 2009-01-29
200 m2 only labour £17 m2 Huddersfield 2009-01-19
17 m2 £600 m2 East london 2009-01-17
22 m2 £200 item/job London 2008-11-21
stone floor tiles sealed white limestone with adhesive, sealant and grout £120 m2 Wiltshire 2008-08-09
Labour Only. Tiling over 18mm Marine Ply with flexible adhesive. Adhesive and Ply supplied. Excludes Tiles. Total 50m2 £3 m2 Liverpool 2008-04-29
30 m2 porclain tiles in kitchen extension over electric underfloor heating and inspection chamber £800 item/job Hertfordshire 2008-03-28
30m2 tiling kitchen halway unerstair cuboard,downstaris w/c ensuite and bathroom. needs to tile around sanitary items £1,000 item/job Uk 2007-11-12
Conservatory Floor Conservatory measured approximately 16 square meters. This included grout but not adhesive. Includes tiles £624 item/job Cornwall 2006-11-09
40cm floor tiles on wooden substrate £25 m2 Yorkshire 2006-10-19
Kitchen floor 3 tile pattern, small 4" Square, larger 8" square and oblong heavy slate tiles on flexible adhesive. This was a kitchen floor of 46sq M and an island in the middle. £30 m2   2006-03-05

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