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Building prices for windows install

This is the price per window and includes unless stated the installation cost. Of course window prices vary enormously depending on the material used, the type of glass and whether it is single, double or triple glazed.

Building prices for windows install: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
1930s terrace house. Replacement of 6 windows including 2 bays plus sliding patio door and porch (door and 2 side full length panels). 90% openers with restrictors where not a fire access point. Got three quotes from local companies, all around same price. £9,200 item/job Outer London 2015-06-05
p.v.c window supply and fit 1850x1100 2xopeners old timber one removed £600 window Manchester 2015-03-02
Semi detached house. All upvc rosewood over white, A rated (Rehau),new bay window, new composite front door, 8 casement windows, 1 upvc back door and window. £4,415 item/job West Midlands 2015-01-17 £4,000 item/job Lancs 2013-03-17
Remove timber combination frame, door and window. Supply and fit new PVCu frame, door and casement window £680 window Birmingham 2013-03-13
9 double glazed windows PVC £4,600 item/job Aberdeen 2012-11-12
Fit new upvc french doors with A rated glass £980 window Hertfordshire 2012-05-16
5 no upvc windows in bungalow £1,800 window B lancashireurscough 2012-03-07
16 panes replaced (Putty) in wooden sash windows around whole house. All the seals had blown. Various sizes. Took all blown ones out, down to wood and replaced, no painting. 2 full days work. £1,000 item/job Berkshire 2011-09-19
supply Rehau UPVc window to bathroom 1800 x 1200 with A rated glass with two openers and fitted mobile 07920231719 £390 item/job Crowborough East Sussex 2011-08-26
replacement large bay window (3 windows in total) with uVPC casement windows bottom and top openings £1,850 item/job Southend on Sea 2011-04-04
To supply and fit new Double glazed box sash window £930 item/job London 2011-03-20
Replace 6 double glazed windows, 1 front door with side panel and 1 patio door. All "A" rated windows with 10 year guarantee and FENSA certificate. £3,500 item/job Norfolk 2011-02-22
2 Bay widow to front. Single window to front. 6 windows to rear and front and back dooo £6,000 item/job Leicester 2010-12-26
Replace two double glazed wood frame units with new pvc woodgrain finish, both small bathroom and landing windows. Job took 3 hours. £500 item/job Derby 2010-09-24
New PVCu windows installed. New Front PVCu Door installed. Living Room window changed from 1510x2020mm window to 6 piece bow window. £8,500 item/job Glasgow 2010-07-27
Supply & fit double glazed B rated white PVC windows. 14 windows ranging from large bay 4500 x 1600 to smallest 550 x 950 and french doors. National company, negotiated down from list price of 19,700. £4,890 item/job Worthing 2010-06-03
5 windows, Sash and Case. Replace box and Sashes. 800 per window. £800 window Linlithgow 2010-04-21
removing old sash windows boxes and installing 8 double glazed white windows (bottom half opens) £3,600 item/job London 2010-02-16
provide and install 7 windows 3 large 4 medium size. 3 tilt and turn and others hopper windows. £2,200 item/job Glasgow 2010-01-21
9 doubleglazed windows & 1 doubleglazed backdoor [standard white pvc]. 4 x 1800mm by 1200mm - 1 open side window 2 x 600mm by 1200mm - 1 open sm/top window 2 x 600mm by 2400mm - no open window 1 x 1200mmby1200mm - 1 open side window standard door top half frosted glass [475] all replaced & fitted. £3,020 item/job Telford 2010-01-02
Complete replacement of six windows and brick up part of kitchen window space to reduce size. Old box sashes completely removed - lovely job £2,450 item/job Derby 2009-12-16
Removal of existing windows (two first floor, three ground floor) and replace with uPVC (white). £1,900 item/job North Wales 2009-07-10
10 Windows & 2 Doors £5,150 item/job Wales 2009-03-18
Replace 2 x doors (front arch), 1 x 3 pane Bay window, 5 x windows. 1 x replace existing misty pane. £3,000 item/job Warwickshire 2008-08-01
Remove existing windows (two first floor, four ground floor) and replace with uPVC (woodgrain outside, white inside), plus new sills outside and side cheeks on first floor windows.
6 windows in total replaced
£2,200 item/job East Anglia 2008-07-21
2 x 5 pane bay windows UPVC replacing old wooden Bay windows, 2 X standard UPVC windows replacing old wooden frames £2,900 item/job North east 2008-06-17
6 Windows, 1 x Front Door and 1 x Patio Doors £8,300 item/job Aberdeen 2008-06-03
Straight replacement and installation of 5 windows with uPVC windows and front door. Removal of wall below existing 2.3m window and installation of uPVC french doors in its place opening out onto patio. Brick up half way of existing single door onto patio, and installation of uPVC window in its place. £2,950 item/job Newcastle upon Tyne 2008-05-25
2m x 1.3 window PVC window, 3 of 1m x 1.3 windows and 1 rear glazed door. Installed in Jan 08 £1,500 item/job Wirral 2008-05-05
Installation of french doors, front and back doors and 7 windows £3,600 item/job Liverpool 2008-04-20
10 Windows 1 fench Door and 1 Back door £4,400 item/job Bedford 2008-02-18
12 wooden windows £9,000 item/job Gloucestershire 2007-09-20
4 windows, all ground floor £2,600 item/job London NW5 2006-12-18
Install standard replacement windows £400 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17
Install new skylight £500 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17
Install sealed double glazing unit £130 item/job Cambridge 2006-12-17
6 windows £3,500 item/job Essex, england 2006-09-05
Replace 11 windows and 2 large french doors £6,300 item/job TW5 2006-06-26
Based on 8 windows at once £387 item/job UK 2006-03-08
This is the price for a replacement back door including all casement & Sills and one Bathroom window done at the same time. £1,092 item/job Tiverton 2006-03-07
UPVC sash £800 item/job   2006-03-05
Based on 8 windows at once £387 window   2005-01-03

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