Conservatory prices for base

Conservatory prices for base : Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
24m 2 base 1radiator £3,000 item/job Lancashiire 2014-03-19
4mby5m concrete floor with 600mm dwarf wall £3,000 item/job Lancashire 2014-02-17
3.5m by 4.5m base area. Footings excavated to 600mm. Dwarf wall erected 6 courses high above dpm, three sided wall with break for conservatory doors (Imperial bricks sourced more expensive than the metric equivalant), insualation in cavity wall. Insulated base beneath concrete slab. Radon membrane with weep holes and pipe conduit recessed into slab for central heating pipe work. Air brick relocated also beside conservatory. £3,500 item/job Derbyshire 2009-09-29
conservatory base 5.0 by 5.6 £3,500 item/job Bolton 2009-05-23
Conservatory base 3M x 3.5M wide. Subject to building regs due to wc being built into conservatory also (additional room. Price includes: excavate to 1050 below existing DPC gen 1 concrete trench fill 1 course trench blocks 100mm hardcore 100mm jabfloor 120mm oversite concrete 3 courses class b external 1 course 7 newton blocks internal 450mm (6 courses) facing bricks for dwarf wall 2 courses thermalites internally. wall insulation for w/c, 2.1M blockwork internal, tied to 2.1 M external brickwork £2,000 item/job Lincolnshire 2009-01-30

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