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Fuse box replacement Certificate £500 private Slough 2015-02-28
Consumer unit upgrade, including certificate and part P. Up to 8 ways 299, 8-12 ways 349. All qualified, Part P registered and insured contractor. Responsible and reliable electricians. - 02080900096 £299 item/job South London 2012-11-28
putting up new ceiling rose and light £20 item/job Northern ireland 2012-10-02
I drilled through a.light cable while trying to hang a picture,called electrical he said 55/60 could get to me in 45 minutes Excl job took about an hour to replace AJC ELECTRICAL SERVICES 07967114307 £60 item/job Sidcup 2012-03-25
Add a new upstairs landing light to existing 2 way circuit. Previously 2 way circuit only operated one light down stairs from 2 way switch. One 2way switch at the bottom and one at the top of stairs. Opened up floor board above down stairs landing light. Ran light cable from light fitting through drilled hole and conduit into attic. Ran cable across attic through to top of stairs. Drilled hole. Fitted new light fitting and connected. 2 way switces now operate both landing lights. Time 3 hours x hourly rate = 90 Materials cable, conduit, trunking, light fitting = 30 Minor Works Cert £120 item/job Berkshire 2011-08-23
spur switch fitted for combi boiler using old immersion cable, fitted rcd at fusebox- 85 all in £85 item/job Sunderland 2011-01-02

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