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Electrician prices for connect mains supply

This is the price for taking the electricity supply, usually at the street and connecting your property to it. Definitely one for the professional electrician here.

Electrician prices for connect mains supply : Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
Small walk in toilet shower room with light and pull string heater. How much would this cost £1,500 item/job London 2014-04-18
Need to 17th ed board Circuit Unit with 8 MCB's to replace conventional fuse box £200 item/job TW2 7NH 2013-02-25
Install 100 Amp mains isolator between meter and consumer unit to enable complete electrical isolation of property. NAPIT registered and fully insured. Denewood Electrical 01633676055 / 07840755244 £75 item/job South Wales 2013-02-14
electric cooker installation £140 item/job London 2013-02-01
consumer unit (fuse board) upgrade inc certificate 240 inc vat fully fitted & tested call fedral electrical 07903 552273 or 07412 90 00 65 £240 item/job East midlands 2012-10-01
mains connection Done by GK Electrical 350 07886625495 george £300 item/job Enfield 2011-03-28
Install duplex plugs with box run 25' mc cable to panel install 20 amp breaker. and install plug box and off set with box on 15 amp beaker to panel what fair price. £325 item/job Unit state 2010-12-15
1960's bungalow, overhead supply to be moved onto side of new extension due to it being in the way, new meter box external wall Works by Western Power Distribution £998 item/job East Devon 2009-07-27
Live in a 1950's Bungalow with an old overhead supply converted to an undeground supply. This comes into the front room at high level into the consumer unit. I wanted to move this 6ft down the wall to low level along with the consumer unit & meter purely on vainity grounds to make the front room nice! Had a verbal quote from EDF energy - my street supplier - of between 500 and 700 but i needed to pay 80 ish upfront for a survey, although this would be knocked off the final invoice. Needless to say I am not going ahead, but beware! Oh and the lead time would be 16weeks! £600 item/job Luton 2008-08-04

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