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Electrician prices for hourly rate

This is how much you would expect to pay an electrician irrespective of the job involved. Although usually you will be quoted a price that includes the parts AND labour. The price per hour will vary depending on location in the country and demand of electricians services. Of course being called you f hours will demand a higher hourly rate than normal.

Electrician prices for hourly rate : Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
22 per hour £22 hour Cornwall 2015-06-26
partial rewire 2 bed bungalow leeds £1,500 private Leeds 2015-04-14
HawkEyeLighting electrician, signage and led specialist with 5 years experience, all areas of country 07583696941 £35 hour London 2015-03-18
Electrical Rewire £40 hour Cumbria 2015-03-17
MC Electrical Services have over 25 years qualified experience in the electrical industry. Part P registered Approved Contractors (NAPIT). From 25/hr locally (Medway Kent). £25 hour Kent 2015-02-21
MCElectrical-Services.co.uk. Hourly rates form 25/hour (Medway) enquiries@mcelectrical-services.co.uk. Tel: Mark 07947079875. NAPIT approved contractor fully insured. Medway Kent London (E SE) areas £25 hour Kent 2015-02-21
Niceic registered electrician. 35 for the first hour 20 after. 07753264281 £20 hour Kent 2015-02-19
2inch metal trunking suspended from metal stud £2,000 hour Crawley 2015-02-17
Wilts Electrical Services Ltd. NICEIC fully approved contractors 25 years experience. Contact Fran on 01225 284206. 35 first hour then 28 per hour. www.wiltselectrical.com £28 hour Trowbridge Melksham Westbury D 2015-02-04
45 call out charge within 10 mile radial, then 38.00 per continuos hour. £45 hour Lichfield / Birmingham 2015-01-10
New 10 way non combustible consumer unit, upgrade meter tails, earthing and bonding, all tests, certification and Part P notification £399 item/job London 2015-01-09
17th edition,domestic,commercial and industrial electrical installer.14 yrs experience,insured and registered.26 per hour,day rate 180 £26 hour West sussex 2014-11-04
17th edition,domestic,commercial and industrial electrical installer.14 yrs experience,insured and registered.26 per hour,day rate 180 07928 299602 £26 hour West sussex 2014-11-04
Fully qualified electrician 25yrs+ experience .17th edition and 2391 qualifications .25 an hour or 160 per day.no job to big"let me light up your live"contact MARK ALCROFT on 07443333926 or e-mail markalcroft .sparkie@yahoo.co.uk £25 hour Oxfordshire 2014-10-29
NIC Registered company 12 years experience fully insured, we charge 17.50 an hour £18 hour West yorkshire 2014-10-05
Chris Norton, Norton Electrical Contractors NW Ltd, professional, efficient, tidy, polite and educated!! Hourly rate 30 + VAT. Clients range from Manchester to North Wales then down to Zurich !! Quality workmanship by experience and thought. 07958 528923 £30 hour Manchester 2014-09-23
25 per hour, evenings and weekends. 17th Edition qualified domestic work. Great Yarmouth Area. enorfolksparks@gmail.com £25 hour Norfolk 2014-09-12
Full 3 bed rewire. Connection of heating system reconfigure of earthing arrangements. Full certification carried out £2,900 hour Gloucestershire 2014-06-29
Fully qualified electrician with 25years experience. Quality work with fast friendly service. Covering Lothian and Borders areas of Scotland. 45.00 for first hour 25 all hours thereafter. 07525364945 £25 hour Edinburgh and Borders 2014-06-10
First Unique Security & Electrical. fuseservices.co.uk Yorkshire area. No Call out fee. 27.50 per hour (1 man) or 34 with apprentice. NAPIT and Trustmark Fully registered electrician. Very experienced, quality tidy and above all SAFE work, can spell! Will leave spotless. £28 hour Yorkshire 2014-05-26
Jack Pearson Electrical services Elecsa and part-p registered Insured with over 12 years experience. 22 an hour 176 day rate www.jp-es.co.uk 07447 477502 £22 hour Lancaster 2014-05-18
Contact me for any small electrical works you need doing in the Northlonon area. Email me on: londonsparks45@gmail.com. I am registered and fully insured £25 private London 2014-05-07
Gk electrical 0208 351 6246 £40 hour North london 2014-05-02
Installation maintenance testing&inspecting EICR 110 All other work 18.50 ph Call for free quote and advice 07902157313. NAPIT. Registerd £19 hour Newcastle 2014-04-25
Locally call out 30.00 first hour Then 28.00 thereafter, Never give quotes, estimates only as it is better for the client (Make it CLEAR) £28 hour Plymouth 2014-04-11
NICEIC registered electrician. All aspects of domestic installation. 40 call out then 30 per hour. Call Andy from IMPACT Complete Home Renovations on 01622750143 £30 hour Kent 2014-01-27
3 bed semi , complete re wire 7 rads 2 towel rads new boiler £5,200 hour West midlands 2013-07-19
install work approved rate, including approved spark to sign off work, fully reg with select £30 hour Glasgow 2013-07-17
Part P registered, 17th edition, qualified electricians. 20.00 per hour/160 per day abarnettelectrical@live.co.uk £20 item/job Norfolk 2013-05-17
Down to Earth Electrical. 35 first hour to cover travel expenses then 25 threafter, half hourly charge 15. Day rate: 180 £25 hour Wales 2013-05-15
We charge 27 an hour for electrical installation work, although this is much more usually quoted in advance at a day rate of 170. Don't quite get the 'day rate' given by another installer which equates to 10x the hourly rate?! Minimum charge is for 2 hours. £27 hour Bristol 2013-04-25
I charge 30 for first hour of call out and 20 thereafter + materials. Oxford area. 07900583138 £20 hour Oxfordshire 2013-04-16
Commercial call outs to replace lights, bulbs, fittings, new fittings. £35 hour London 2013-01-30
Electrical Services. 50 call out then 40. I will only charge if I will do the work. NICEIC registered. www.chrispol.co.uk Mob. 07739360544 £40 hour South West SW 2013-01-04
Thompson electrical penance cornwall 30 First hour then 25 there after. Periodic inspection of 3 bed house 150 01736 811031 07813724735 £25 hour Cornwall 2013-01-02
Certified electrician in Bridgwater covering a 20 mile radius of Bridgwater - 35 1st hour and then 25 there after. This is a labour hourly rate. Please visit www.wefixelectrical.co.uk - No call out fees, free quotes & advice - experienced, tidy and qualified - on time too! £25 hour Bridgwater 2012-12-21
JVA ELectrical Meopham 10 minutes work to verify earthing system. Driving distance 5 miles. £72 item/job Longfield 2012-10-27
Napit registered, trustmark approved , checked and vetted, free estimates, hourly rate 22 minimum charge 30. coulsons electrics.co.uk £22 hour Sunderland 2012-09-20
Tend to give fixed prices for jobs, but sometimes on difficult to gauge work - work on an hourly basis. 30/hr + travel £30 hour Dartmoor 2012-08-15
All domestic work,www.elecableman.com Mobile: 07889271744 £25 hour Birmingham 2012-06-28
Prime Electrical Solutions - Our Hourly Rate is 30 per hour the first hour being 45. Call Out Fee's (i.e. emergency or urgent) 60,then 25 per further hours. All works conforming to the latest wiring regulations, all work to be completed at the very highest level. £30 hour Middlesex, buckinghamshire, su 2012-05-14
boiler electric heating £500 item/job Bristol 2012-05-13
CATON ELECTRICAL SERVICES CALL : 07542 931 645 ELECSA Approved, Fully insured/qualified! Emergency callout 65/hr 1st hour Standard rate 40/hr 1st hour Thereafter only 28/hr Labour costs only £28 hour Bolton/ Wigan Area 2012-05-07
Electrical Services. 40 call out then 30 there after. I will only charge if I will do the work NICEIC registered. www.ratedpeople.com/profile/chrispol 07739360544 chris.zieba@gmail.com £30 hour London 2012-04-29
Domestic and Commercial work , fully insured NICEIC Registered £27 hour Bath 2012-04-27
I charge 29.50per hour . Free call hout for a 15 mile radius and free quotes £30 hour Rayleigh , Essex 2012-03-23
T.Nixon Domestic Electrician . I charge 29.50per hour . Free call hout for a 15 mile radius and free quotes £30 hour Rayleigh , Essex 2012-03-23
the hourly rate is 20 but day rate is 145, www.coulsonselectrics.co.uk £20 hour Tyne and wear 2012-03-15
Hourly rate of 25 for first hour then 18. 180 per day. Napit. £18 hour Swansea 2012-03-13
Rewire lounge lighting £45 hour Birmingham 2012-03-09

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