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Electrician prices for wiring outbuilding

Wiring a house or bungalow can be easier than re-wiring a house. Usually the electrician will gain access to the house before any plaster board has been put up. This means that any wiring conduits can be easily installed. Also wiring can be placed in floor

Electrician prices for wiring outbuilding: Disclaimer
Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
1st fix exstention,7 rooms, 14 sockets,8 lights 3 fans 2tvs heating £500 item/job Bridgwater 2012-10-16
install armoured cable to outbuilding, 25m run, 2 way RCD consumer unit wih earth rod and 2 twin socket and 1 light with switch-www.coulsonselectrics.co.uk £280 item/job Sunderland 2011-12-18
Replaced 4 double sockets and back boxes, fitted 3 internal lights, new switch and back box, fitted new PIR security light. All cabling replaced with new and run in conduit. Tested and certificated. All materials supplied by contractor. All left clean after. Denewood Electrical, 07840755244 £475 item/job South East Wales 2011-07-16
install swa supply to shed 10m from house, cable buried in duct under paving, install 2way consumer unit in shed, 1 light and switch, 1 socket, rcd fitted to main consumer unit, earth rod connected to shed consumer unit to comply with 17th regs on exporting earth's - 260 - www.coulsonselectrics.co.uk £260 item/job Sunderland 2011-05-30
Fit new 40amp mcb in consumer unit. Run 12m 4mm cable in trunking from Non RCD side of consumer unit to BE box outside kitchen. From BE box run 30m 4mm 3 core SWA in trench to outbuilding RCD 2 way steel consumer unit. Fit 6 dble metal sockets connected with 2.5 in black plastic conduit 20m. 1 metal light switch and dble fluorsecent 5ft. Fit 1 PIR with low energy lamp outside connected via metal fused switch. plus installation certificate £1,600 item/job Berkshire 2010-01-25
Fit new dual RCD 10way consumer unit and run new cable to garage 10mtrs with small consumer unit fitted in garage. Polish builders £2,800 item/job Essex 2009-02-11
wire new ring main to converted garage with 7 double sockets and one spur for heater supplied by client. wire new lighting circuit with 3 new 5 foot double flourescent fittings. upgrade water and gas bonding. £800 item/job Luton 2008-03-15
new light installation in the garage £100 item/job Pembrokeshire 2007-08-30
This was cost of running electricity supply to outside workshop (approx 30 metres distance from house)- 3 double sockets 2 seperately switched ceiling lights and seperate socket for panel heater cost in march 2005 - 449 incl. VAT £449 item/job Kettering 2006-01-02

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