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Air conditioning in the home can be via a portable or permanent unit. The portable units are typically more money per btu or cooling but have little or no installation costs. The downside is that they are noisy and require the hot air to be vented out of a window usually through a 1.5-3m long pipe. This is not always as easy as it seems. A permanent unit usually comes in two parts. The compressor is situated outside the building (On an exterior wall or placed on or near the roof). As it is outside the building this type of air conditioning unit is usually quieter than the portable unit. Also more room outside means the unit can have a larger cooling capacity than a portable unit. Inside the room is placed the vent and control box which exhausts the cool or hot air and allows you to set the required air temperature. The downside is that the installation should be done via a trained installer and will usually require holes to be cut into walls. There are self contained units that are wall mounted and do not need to be fitted by a trained fitter, but the downside is they aren't as powerful and cost more money. Air conditioning keeps the room cool even in the hottest weather. Air conditioning works on a similar principle to a fridge. Air conditioning is a great way to remain comfortable, however it does use up a large amount of electricity and can be expensive to maintain.

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Detailed Description of WorkPrice/CostUnitsLocationLast Updated
We had an air conditioning heat pump fitted to our home office. This was a Mitsubishi unit with 3.5Kw heating and 2.5Kw of cooling. The company Danston who fitted the unit were professional and highly reccomended £1,074 item/job Southampton 2014-01-14
brand new heating and airconditioning £9,000 item/job 71 alex 2010-03-20
Quote from a company in Eastbourne to fit a 3.5 kW air conditioning unit by Daikin into my south / west facing double-bedroom. Price inclusive of fitting and VAT. Not including electrical work. £1,600 item/job East Sussex 2009-06-02
Installing Air conditioning in 2 bedrooms and the lounge. £3,600 item/job Leicester 2009-05-29
I have just had an air conditioning system fitted in my loft converstion it provides both heat for winter and colling for summer! which we definately need! Tames were fab they designed and installed the system they did a great job very professional and worth every penny. I would recommend this company should you require this in your home/conservatory. and best of all it is cheaper than convector /electric heaters to run £2,000 item/job Porthcawl 2006-07-18

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