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Chimney swept from bottom to top, stove cleaned & draw tested. A national association of chimney sweeps certificate issued when finished.. Mess at all & value for money. We used Wintermantle Chimney Sweep found on £40 item/job West Midlands 2015-02-07
We always use sheridan of Pwllheli. Gave me appointment and quote over the phone. Arrived on time. Excellent clean job.. Highly recommended £42 item/job Abersoch gwynedd 2015-02-06
They swept the chimney with two guys. no mess, plenty dust sheets, bottom to top, issued certificate, took about 40 minutes - kielder chimney sweeps £45 item/job Northumberland 2014-11-29
I had 2 chimneys swept. One with a wood burner that I also had serviced. The chimney sweep was very professional, fully trained and a member of the guild of master chimney sweeps. I thought it was good value considering the expertise of this engineer. £195 item/job London 2014-03-24
quoted over the phone, I asked for an early morning appointment, and he arrived promptly at 8am. (which was excellent) very clean and tidy. Mr Sheridan of Pwllheli provided an excellent service. £40 item/job Abersoch 2012-10-20
Got a chimney sweep out called Pryde & Sons from Irvine in Ayrshire, Scotland. They were very well organised. They put down a big plastic sheet on the carpet and covered it with more fabric dustsheets. They also covered off the fireplace prior to starting the job. In summary Pryde & Sons did a great job and left absolutely no mess. £60 item/job Ayrshire 2012-05-06
chimney swept with new power sweeping system nothing like other sweeps use, BRILLANT no mess service and very high power vac used much more soot removed than last time.would recomend SWEEPEASY £40 item/job March cambs 2012-02-05
Recently 2012 had our Chimney Swept by Avalon Sweeps it had not been done for 7 years. Clean very thorough job, offered lots of advice and was here for nearly 2 hours removed 2 bin liners of soot. Nice friendly service. £40 item/job Cheddar 2012-01-09
Very reliable,clean worker and very nice bloke kept to the 45 cost as quoted.Even sprayed the top of my stove so it looked like new again.Highly recommended!!His name is Dave call on 07596996015 £45 item/job Westmidlands 2011-11-23
2 chimneys swept. 70 £70 item/job Huddersfield 2011-08-31
we had a chimney sweep out but did not go on the roof as he dose not like heights yes that is what i said. is this right or i am i missing something. £40 hour Cheshire 2011-05-30
Quoted over the phone. Excellent clean job. fresh clean dust sheets laid on the floor. No fuss, no mess. Would recommended Mr Sheridan of Pwllheli every time ! £40 item/job Porthmadog, North Wales 2011-05-24
Swept chimney excellent job £35 item/job Newcastle upon Tyne 2011-04-15
2 open fires swept, inspected and smoke tested. 35 for the first and 25 for the second. Two men took an hour. V happy with quality of work. Sweep was professional and knowledgeable. Gave report on each chimney. £60 item/job Milton Keynes 2011-03-30
Chimneys swept by Ken Bryant, Somerset sweep. Good job done but no discount for second chimney. 30 for each chimney, making it 60 for half an hours work, very expensive, but good service. £60 item/job Yeovil, somerset 2011-03-05
Excellent through job. Arrived exactly on time. Brilliant white dust sheets. No fuss. Spotlessly clean. No dust. £35 item/job Pwllheli, Wales 2011-02-24
chimney cleaned, professional service, clean tidy no residue left £15 item/job Comber co down 2011-02-10
Swept one chimney, no mess, 40 minutes all done - no big company bull, very pleased £40 hour Hull 2011-01-24
45 per chimney or 80 for two £80 item/job Surrey 2011-01-10
1 x Sweep and Inspection. Certificate left at end of sweep. £45 item/job County Durham 2010-12-31
1 x Sweep and Inspection. Certificate left at end of sweep. Approx. 1 hour £45 item/job County Durham 2010-12-31
Cleaning of one chimney with a brush and vacuum cleaning. No mess. Very professional lady! £35 item/job Portsmouth 2010-11-30
Sweep one chimney in a two storey house. Proper size brush used, no mess, and job completed within 30 minutes. £35 item/job Bangor, N.Ireland 2010-11-14
Chimney sweep came and went within around 45 mins. Just did a sweep of the chimney, left no mess, was polite and friendly, seemed to be the going rate for sweeping around my area. £40 item/job Wiltshire 2010-11-09
Straigtforward sweep of Chimney and clean of multifuel stove. No mess no fuss! £35 item/job South Northamptonshire 2010-10-13
Swept 1 small chimney - 49, removed 1 bird's nest - 5, Supplied bird guard - 54.50, Labour - 85. Supplied Chimney Sweeping Report. 2 Sweeps attended for 30 minutes. Very expensive!! £194 item/job Haywards Heath 2010-09-27
to have your chimney swept and vacuumed with a certificate issued on completion by The Brighton Chimney Sweep £45 hour Brighton East Sussex 2010-08-28
For a Chimney Sweep approx an hours work, two men job...not the cleanest of jobs and were left with a fine layer of soot thru' lounge...we didn't ring around for other quotes, so not sure if this is the going rate or a bit on the steep side £60 item/job Lancashire 2010-07-09
Swept chimney excellent job £40 hour Dorchester 2010-03-19
Removed cap from chimney, put on pot, swept chimney & smoke tested. Took about 2 and a 1/2 with no mess. £100 item/job Greenock 2010-02-04
usual charge in and around bath and bristol 40-45 £40 hour Bristol and bbath 2009-10-16
Chimney swept and smoke test carried out and a certificate from The National Association of Chimney Sweeps was given to me for my records. No mess at all. £60 item/job Glasgow 2009-09-30
Big birds nest taken out my chimney .Took sweep a long time as well. No mess at all now my fire draws great £75 item/job Newton Mearns 2009-09-30
clean chimney with a brush from bottom to top and back with no mess at all £40 item/job Milton keynes 2009-03-17
sweep one chimney £35 hour Ayrshire 2008-09-10
Chimney sweep cleaning £30 hour Cambridge 2006-12-17

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